Bethany E. Traversi

Bead Carrying Ambassador — Beaumont, Texas

A visionary light worker, Bethany has spent over 20 years co-creating sacred ceremonies and energy grids as divinely guided. Exploring the Akashic Realm and assisting people on their spiritual journey is also one of Bethany’s gifts. Through her Akashic readings, she gives insights, connections, and new perspective to a person’s life as related to their spiritual growth. The layers of the reading will continue to unfold for years, helping to bring clarity, acceptance, healing, and peace of mind. Each reading is recorded to assist this process. A near-death experience in 2007 shifted Bethany’s focus to her physical body and new understandings for her transformation of self. Her experience revealed how important it is to prepare not only the mind and spirit, but also the body for higher spiritual connection. Bethany has been working with the gift of Navapashanam for over six months, giving presentations and bottles of the elixir to anyone who is interested in working with it. The Navapashanam presentation includes an explanation of Navapashanam, its history and how to utilize its energy, a guided meditation after drinking an ounce of Navapashanam, and an 8 ounce bottle of Navapashanam for you to take home. She has also been making oils from the ash of Maha Ananda Siddha’s ritual body purification for Healers to add to their tools of healing.


Bethany began her spiritual training with a Cherokee medicine woman who trained her in the ways of sacred ceremony, energy healing, stone energy, and working with spirit guides.




Bethany is a certified teacher of the Illuminated Mind Seminars. She studied with June D’Estelle, founder of the Alohem Center for Transformational Studies and the Illuminated Mind Seminars.

Bethany is also a Reiki Master and an Advanced Quantum Touch practitioner.

  • 1 Hour Akashic Reading $125
  • 30 Minute Akashic Reading $65
  • 2 Hour Navapashanam Group Presentation $15 per person
  • ½ oz Maha Ananda Siddha Cleansing and Reset Oil $50

What has been my Navapashanam experience? It began in the spring when I unexpectedly received a bottle of the elixir from RH. I read the literature he included and thought about what it said. I decided to drink an ounce in a private ceremony of meditation and prayer while standing in concentric circles on a Flower-of-Life rug. Fiery waves of energy went through my body and I knew I had been gifted something quite unique.

A few nights later I had a visitation by a Being of Light. Visitations have happened occasionally in my life so I felt comfortable while I waited to hear what he had to say. His energy was definitely part of the Navapashanam connection. He said I would be receiving a bead. I told him I wanted one, but was not going to worship Lord Shiva or change my happy life too drastically. He was simply quiet, warm and friendly. I knew I had missed something important, but was not sure what. I fell back to sleep. Weeks later a bead was offered to me and I refused it. Instead I accepted the gift of more elixir.

I continued to drink the Navapashanam elixir and began to get sick. For three months my body and mind worked to clear out the toxins. I broke a middle finger. That was an interesting development. I understood the process and accepted the discomfort as I looked at myself.

There was another visitation during this time of clearing and elimination. A small group of people came into my dreams. They knew I had refused the bead, however they were unconcerned. Instead they talked to me about High Cosmic energy. It’s free energy, always present. We need to live consciously at all times and co-create purposefully. Then they talked about the elixir; how to expand its energy and direct it more purposefully to create the Navapashanam elixir without a bead. I listened to their instruction and made the energy grid as they pictured it.

Weeks later I had another visitation with the same small group of Beings. They wanted to talk to me about a larger energy grid. It had to be constructed during the hottest part of the day in the summer. It needed to be a ceremonial site too. Again I was told I would be receiving a bead.

I spent my summer creating the ceremonial site with the energy set up the way I had been shown. It was a pleasure to create something intended to be used in a sacred way. Friends who work with energy came to walk or sit or stand there. I placed several gallons of spring water in the center overnight and invited a few friends over to drink an ounce with me. We agreed it was Navapashanam; it was more than that. Equally present was Earth and her elements and Ancient Ones. The number 6 was everywhere.

I had a vision of being in an ancient forest. I was looking at an amazing young tree radiating light. Its light was soft and illuminating a man who stood nearby. He was looking at me. In the glow I saw his white hair flowed down to the ground. When his glow touched me I knew he was of the Oneness with All. I could feel it. When we walked, I could see it. And for moments I could be One too, but I couldn’t sustain it.

On October 1, 2011 I was offered a bead again. Without hesitation I accepted and received it on the 6th. I put the bead onto a leather cord and wore it. It took a week before I was able to wear it all day and night. Once I acclimated to the energy, I began to experience visions about the bead. The bead has a different energy from the elixir and from the energy grids. I would describe it as layers of knowledge and energy stacked and folded around its self.

The first vision the bead revealed was of a room with a rectangular wooden table. My friend from the forest was unrolling scrolls and stacking them on top of each other. I could see the heavy scrolls had wooden dowels at each end. He invited me to the table and told me to place my hands on the stack. I did and the scrolls curled around my hands and pulled me in. I absorbed it all. When I returned to myself, all that was left on the table were the wooden dowels. The man smiled and said this is good. Now I could see his white flowing hair was so long it disappeared into the stars. “Your hair is so cosmic!” I exclaimed. He actually laughed and pointed to my hair. It too was flowing, although much darker in color. I felt myself being pulled away. I asked if I could come back later and he said yes.

The next vision came a few days later. I was flowing through a dark hallway to reach the room where my friend from the forest stood. When I reached his side I was fascinated to see that his hair was whiter and longer than I could have imagined. It seemed to flow forever. I looked into his eyes and was swept to new depths of thought. I knew, could actually see, how limited I have been in my imagination, in my creativity, in my thinking and beliefs and in my relationships. There is so much more that is possible!

On November 1, 2011 I had another dream visitation. This time it was a single voice and he told me that the bead had been assessing my body, mind and spirit for the past month to understand how to move me forward in the best possible way. He said it has nothing to do with the energy grid or the elixir. It is about being a Bead Carrier. When I had accepted the bead, then I had also accepted a path of teachings and Initiations. That certainly seems to be the truth.

On November 4th the large energy grid was opened with the help of a guided ceremony. Like the water it had imbued earlier, the energy of High Cosmic consciousness brought forth a higher vibration to merge with the third dimension. Fully anchored through the energy grid, this new level of vibration will continuously flow into this dimension and merge with all who can accept its vibration. That day grew very hot and the sky was cloudless.

I realize that my story is simply that; my story of what Navapashanam has brought into my consciousness and how I am working with it. I am just one person of many who is being guided and assisted with spiritual growth. I’ve gifted Navapashanam to anyone who is willing and wanting to work with it. Some of the feedback I have received has been unexpected and always interesting.

  • Several people went through a period of illness while their bodies were cleared of toxins, including emotional releases. Most were quick releases, lasting a few days at most.
  • Clarity of thought, thinking before acting, and acts of energetic support seem to be enhanced.
  • Those who have healing practices have found that clients who are willing to drink an ounce of Navapashanam with highest intention of healing before their session experience a more profound result.
  • A local veterinarian is now using Navapashanam and we are waiting to see what the results are with the animals and for his self.
  • One woman reported that her vision had improved hugely, surprising her and her eye doctor.
  • An artist friend is experiencing clear guidance which is opening doors to new contacts and opportunities in larger venues of the art world.
  • Quite a few people are keeping small bottles of Navapashanam elixir on their nightstands and at work so as to remain in the energy as much as possible. It serves as a reminder that High Cosmic Consciousness is always with us. We only have to remember to consciously live the moment we are in.

Bethany Traversi

(409) 866-3317

“Our culture and tradition have closed us down. The Illuminated Mind Seminars open us up; opens the mind and the spirit.” — June D’Estelle

The Illuminated Mind Seminars are unique, accelerated courses focused upon transformation and change. Participants in the intensive workshops are conducted through a step-by-step process, which attunes them rapidly yet safely to higher states of consciousness.

The methods used are tested and proven, achieving in hours results that formerly required years of study. Each person is gently guided into discovering the immense power of his or her own intuitive, creative mind.

The focus of the three seminars is upon awakening the Higher Consciousness. However, since the steps to self-mastery include control of one’s own environment, the teachings encompass methods for attaining this goal. Training is simple and easily learned by participants, irrespective of former experience.

Each seminar is two days and held in a private home or setting with a kitchen. It’s best to eat while staying in the energy of the seminar.

Every step you take in opening your awareness or any expansion of your spiritual awareness in an initiation. Any and all of these initiations can affect your destiny.” — June D’Estelle

Alpha Seminar – Introduction to Intuitive Mastery

This unique, accelerated workshop includes awakening intuition, reaching deep meditative levels at will, remote viewing, intuitive assessment and remote healing, the practice and processes of remote healers, introducing telepathy, utilizing pain relief, exploring mineral, plant and animal communication, increasing creativity and inspiration, enhancing self-direction, finding answers intuitively, using intuitive keys to studying, resolving problems through visualization, improving memory and sleep, managing stress control, relaxing mentally and physically, connecting with others energetically, meeting angelic and spiritual guides, tapping into higher guidance and more.

Upon completion of the Alpha Seminar you will have a solid foundation for subsequent consciousness studies.

Theta Seminar – Increasing Spiritual Power

The Theta Seminar has three main focuses: concentrating on clearing conditions that may hinder your inner growth, learning your special advanced skills, and opening to new unexplored dimensions of your being.

You will work from both the inner and outer dimensions, learning ways to create a healthy body and a supportive environment essential for optimum growth. You will meet new counselor-guides, learn intuitive techniques to assess and improve your own health, and will study the spiritual influences of color and sound. You will learn the processes to clear and uplift your emotions; to recognize and eliminate any negative emotions you may have. You will learn to free yourself from the ties of the past and to transform them into positive relationships. You will be shown how to perceive auras. You will be able to move forward and backward in time. You can then use this ability to retrieve information, to foresee future courses of action, and to redo the past. You will be introduced to a technique to use your mental powers to consciously alter your body form and functions. The seminar culminates in a beautiful ceremony in which you will meet your Higher Self.

Transformation Seminar

The Transformation Seminar is a series of initiations to be experienced inwardly, instead of being exposed to the unknowing scrutiny of the rational mind. Insightful exercises will help you to clear blockages accrued in the past on many levels of your nature, bypassing years of therapy and enabling you to restructure your life to your own design.

You will connect to amazing Beings from higher domains and experience Oneness on multiple planes of manifestation. You will uncover your true talents while discovering what holds you back and how to clear these blockages. You will learn to see the results of various choices and make correct decisions. You will learn to view the events of your life from a vaster perspective. You will discover your mission and purpose.


The Mastership Gathering is the culmination of our series of seminars. We gather four times a year for 4 ½ days of meditation, healing work, and sharing. The Gatherings are on the cutting edge of spiritual discovery. During our times together we learn to interface our own personal energies into fine alignment with the Alohem Dimension of Consciousness. Those who reach this level focus upon achieving actual mastery in all areas of their lives. Tangible spirituality radiates from their presence and infuses their worldly affairs. When you meet them, you will recognize that you have known each other forever.
Alpha and Theta

First Time Individual $225
First Time Married Couple $390
Individual Repeat $50
Married Couple Repeat $80

First Time Individual $275
First Time Married Couple $450
Individual Repeat $75
Married Couple Repeat $125

First Time Individual $250
First Time Married Couple $400
Individual Repeat $125
Married Couple Repeat $175

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