Dawn Lianna

Three Qualities You Love About Yourself
Hi! When your personality serves your soul then you have these 3 qualities or traits you love about yourself!

1. You love and appreciate your uniqueness. You realize no two people do the same thing or are the same way! Even twins are different and diverse! My mother had over 15 siblings and my grandparents knew them all by name. SO did my Mom and all other siblings!

2. Your curiosity is flourishing! Your are most curious about what you care about! Like a cat you move closer to the things that are most valuable and intriguing at the same time! You love your curiosity!

3. You have been creating your whole life. From the beginning of the egg and sperm meeting (that eventually developed into you) you and your body have been being “created”. You are creative by the shear fact you are breathing and here. You created for your body what you needed to be reading this! You love your creativity!

To understand how get your personality to serve your soul, begin to do each of the 3 things listed in baby steps!


Clearing Grief & Trauma

Hi Everybody,

A Free Strategy For Clearing Grief and Trauma
On this day of 9-11-14. I want to send my love and a great tool for processing grief, loss and trauma.
One of the best ways I know of to clear trauma is to run our pictures around an event backwards. Click herefor a full copy of this resource. While it doesn’t take away what has happened, it does help us cope with what is.

The Movie Backward Technique for Clearing Trauma
Remember Breathe deeply, drink plenty of water, get out in nature, and know that you are loved.