Jyotika Jauhar

Reiki Havan
I am sharing with you 2 pictures of the Divine phenomena that all of us witnessed, depicting the separation of Negative Energy and Positive Energy very clearly visible over the two strips of wood. The piece on the left has all white ash while the strip on the right has all black ash! The power and Energy of the Havan was so strong that it separated the negative from the positive.

The Havan fire kept burning for an hour and half without a drop of ghee! All the guests sat around watching this strange phenomena and enjoying the warmth of the clear golden flames! Each one interpreting the Divine message in their own way.


Thank you everyone who came to be a part of the powerful ‘ ReikiHavan’, fire ceremony, that was performed on the day of Goddess Sarasvati, Tuesday February 4th.

Divine Phenomena
Just had to share with all of you — The Power of Energy.

Matt R, my client, has been receiving Distant Reiki for 3rd degree burns on his arm. We concluded the sessions in January and waited for the results. These phenomenal pictures showing before and after state were sent by him showing the marked difference. The process of Healing is still ‘on’. I am just so humbled and quite speechless.


Matt is open to talking about his experience with anyone.