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This Flower is called Bharamakamalam
The Spiritual name is Supra Mental Wealth!
It Is the Flower of Lord Brahma whose energy is that of Creation.
Bharamakamalam is also known as King of Himalayan Flower.
The One that Sees a Bharamakamalam Bloom Is Very Lucky.
Bharamakamalam is a Rare Flower and blooms only at mid-night-ish and in most places Bharamakamalam Blooms Once in 14 years!!
This Beautiful Bharamakamalam Flower Bloomed at Swaha’s house Saturday August 30, 2014.
The Cactus that Bharamakamalam Bloomed on came from a cutting Swaha was gifted from Greg Wendt a few years ago.
A Flower Essence is Being Prepared and will Be available to those that get a Yes. Cost will be $3 @