Psychedelic Plant Medicines

The Plant Medicine really should be taken without any amplification! The Siddha Alchemical Supplements would greatly amplify the experience of the Plant Medicine. This is why we are being so careful to let people who are drawn to plant medicine travel that path until they are done.

The purpose of the Siddha Alchemical Supplements is to support the dissolving of All distinctions between the body and soul. This is beyond most people’s grasp and ability to endure! If plant medicines are being taken into the body the dissolving could very well be more than can be tolerated, resulting in losing ones mind literally.


The great path of the Maha Siddhas emerges from the dissolution of all distinctions into that of an Immortal Yogi/Yogini! The Maha Siddha is One who has moved beyond time and space, One who has moved beyond duality and One who has moved beyond the laws of physics. This great Soul comes and goes as the path calls for with or without the body because for these Great Siddhas death of the body has ended.

Outlined in the clinical literature and folk stories, it is ‘commonly held’ that psychedelics are generally “safe and effective when used as directed”. Used as directed, generally means by a shaman, priest or medicine man/woman in a culture where psychedelics have been used as part of that cultures spiritual journey, by a therapist or in a medical setting to explore unconscious blocks.

Nonetheless, psychedelics are powerful psychoactive chemicals and when used can cause considerable, although generally transient, psychological distress. Psychedelics do cause sensory distortions, and sometimes true hallucinations. Most people who are properly prepared have shown no long-term deleterious effects from the use of psychedelics. Others have been permanently damaged.

The question is what is proper psycho-spiritual supervision? This is an important and appropriate question for anyone considering participation in a psycho-spiritual psychedelic experience or for those who are already participating.

All plant medicines have the capability of having a dark side and light side, because they create rifts on the inner realms that are open doors; just like an open window at night with no screen allowing whatever is roaming around to enter. Things can and do bite in the dark.

Be aware of these forces as all plants teach/heal according to their own consciousness as an intelligent species. Only the naive “think” nothing can go wrong, for these species have their own way of teaching you; some nice; some other than nice. Deception and manipulation can exist with them because their power exists on the inner realms right alongside other varied species of disincarnate beings.

Let this be a warning in cultivating discerning-wisdom. Some species of plant medicines will make you think you are literally dying and the terror that will arise from that can be quite daunting. This is why it is of utmost importance to educate yourself to be aware of the challenges that can and will arise, and to also use discernment and discretion with whom you journey with plant medicine with. It has been found for some shaman, priests, gurus, swamis to wrap spirituality around other desires for money, power, sex, and control. Some seek to curried favor with a variety of disincarnate beings during initiations with Plant Medicine.

There are many others out there, who like children playing with matches, have no idea what consequences can arise from mixing alcohol and or pharmaceuticals with plant medicine. It is ignorant humans who believe that plants are just “things” to use. Guess again!

If you are using plant medicine or synthesized drugs, then you should be aware of the levels that can be navigated. Most use them for “fun or escape,” and there is more to be aware of beforehand, rather than when the experience gets larger than you expected or moves beyond what you thought you were in control of. Psychedelics are powerful psycho-active agents, called spiritual tools by many when they can be loaded guns for some. Please be aware of the possibilities of experiencing circumstances that may get out of hand.

There are important steps to take for your well being before using them. Psychedelics may have the potential to free the imprisoned mind from the dysfunction that permeates all cultures. What begin to arise can be a glimpse of authentic Being and its vast potential. So many conclude from this glimpse, that repeated experiences will/can be a shortcut to Enlightenment! Take it from one that tried this rout, there is NO shortcut. Prayer and meditation in your spiritual tradition of choice is a way more reliable path.

Take it from one that knows and from many more who have tried to find a short cut to God, Consciousness, and/or Spirit. We have found that repeated use of Plant Medicines opens up Pandora’s Box. Whether you avoid plant medicines or not it is your path and you will see what you see. You will experience what is necessary for you to experience. If you are lucky you will survive and come out the other end of any dark alleys you wander into.

In reality, the main purpose of Pandora’s Box is nothing more than to address the question of why evil exists in the world. Cultures differentiate by altering and suppressing the fullness of consciousness. One can go to extremes and this is where humanity finds itself in this present time period. Beware means to Be Aware. If you feel you need to talk to someone, seek out appropriate guidance by those who understand. And most of all, seek the gift of discernment so that you can tell the difference between the dark and light realms. Imposters and impersonations are common, cords, strings, wires, hooks are often found to be wrapped around apparent psychic gifts. What is behind what is seen is very important; take a look!