Maha Aura Protective Card

The MAHA – AURA PROTECTOR CARD is brought to the People from out of Mother Nature’s vast knowledge to harmonize the human energy field as a result of energetic stress. MAHA – AURA PROTECTOR CARD Is a Protective Shield. The CARD creates a Protective Shield around you both from manmade power lines, from electro-magnetic devices and from natural occurring events, like solar flares, earth quakes, and other disruptive and overwhelming environmental energy that some people are sensitive to & feel unbalancing effects. The MAHA – AURA PROTECTOR CARD harmonizes and balances the human energetic field which then balances the negative influences. There is a harmonization of the detected strength & frequency of the Electro-smog & natural occurring energetic influences. Eventually the human energetic field will be able to fully integrate all energetic forms and all various strengths and frequencies.

The MAHA – AURA PROTECTOR CARD can be used worldwide. It is of a unique Maha Siddha Alchemical Design that protects the human energy field by creating a Protective Zone around the One that carries the CARD. The CARD harmonizes the influence(s) of the disruptive energies around the human body and is easy to use. This CARD is created by the Mixing of Natural Ingredients, based on the Old and Ancient Knowledge of the Maha Siddha Alchemy; which are Infused into a durable plastic CARD. Maha Siddhas were/are saints, doctors, alchemists and mystics All at the same time. They currently live and lived mainly in South of India, Tamil Nadu. All Maha Siddhas reached Inner Liberation and achieved Great Yogic Powers to serve human beings with the ONLY Goal being to come out of all kinds of sufferings. Inner Liberation means dissolving all distinctions between the body and the soul/spirit/consciousness; all distinctions are made in the Mind and are therefore dissolvable by the One who created the distinctions. In physics, it is assumed that the material world only exists by energy and vibration. The West has only recently noticed that where thought goes energy flows; thus in Quantum Physics thought changes matter. In Eastern countries, like China, Tibet and India the saints knew since thousands of years that the human being is more than its physical appearance. We all have a subtle and complex energy system which is affected by inner conditions/expectations/knowing’s and outer conditions to include electromagnetic and natural occurring energy waves.

Nowadays our life is determined by the daily using of Technology, like mobile phones, portable phones in houses, television, radio, microwaves, wireless LAN, computers/ computer screens, transmission towers, etc…. Every device radiates electromagnetic waves uncontrolled in the atmosphere and causes an electromagnetic pollution, which is also known under the term: Electro-smog. The human body, of most people, is a receiver which absorbs all ambient energies by its energy field; to some degree or another. Electro-smog has become an omnipresent part of life today and whose detrimental influences can now be nullified. Most of the people are unaware that the continual influence of electromagnetics & other naturally occurring energy has on the human body and its energy system. It can cause distress and disharmony on the energetic level and for some it causes diseases on the physical level when the resulting energetic influences are left out of balance for too long. The current Western Medical System has yet to consider these points. More and more people report huge varieties of symptoms after using electro-magnetic devices and/or during sun flairs, earthquakes etc., to include exhaustion, emotional imbalances, low energy level, concentration problems, headache, sleeping problems and weakness of the immune system.

The effects of the MAHA – AURA PROTECTOR CARD on the human energy field is confirmed and certificated by the Auramed GmbH, Germany. For using the powerful benefits of the MAHA – AURA PROTECTOR CARD keep the CARD close to your body, in your purse or fix a CARD on your electronic devices and or on the head board of your bed.