Dawn Lianna

Bead Carrying Ambassador — Portland, Oregon

As a small child, I had many experiences that were considered outside the box. I had no one to share them with, but fortunately I stayed open. I never really wondered “Am I psychic?” because those words simply were not in my vocabulary. My childhood was a confusing experience! I had a foundation of love mixed with abuse. I developed my intuition as a protective mechanism and to talk with the animals and winged beings that guided me. As an adult, I have done a lot of healing work and studied many different healing modalities: Meditation, massage, how to develop intuition, hypnotherapy, touch for health, polarity therapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hands on healing.

I began my healing practice in 1984. I started my private practice as a hypnotherapist. I had the great good fortune to mentor with Dennis Barrett, a spiritualist and an incredible hands on healer and miracle worker from Bristol, England. Many miracles opened my eyes to the profound possibilities of spiritual healing.

My Personal Turning Point

In 1992, I had my third near death experience. I died twice in childhood. When I died in 1992, I retained conscious memories and it profoundly changed my life. During that time I took delivery on a simple and fun process to help people develop their intuitive abilities and connect with their angels.

I am profoundly interested in how to develop intuition and feel that I understand how the intuition worked. I have applied many techniques from several fields including NLP to create intuition development exercises.

I have a master’s degree in counseling/psychology from Ryokan Institute.

I managed an International Flower Essence Pharmacy. I had the opportunity to meet many of the world’s essence producers and learn about flower and gemstone essences.

I co-founded a Natural Health Clinic in West Africa and opened the first Massage school in Ghana. I am a published writer and trainer, featured in many magazines, newspapers and online publications. I have 2 published books and 2 published e-courses.



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