Discerning Wisdom

In looking at many different spiritual tradition/religions there is a number of beings who walked their path beyond what most people consider possible. I am talking about spiritually evolving to the point where the physical body dissolves into Light.

In some traditions this phenomena is called:

  • Taken Into Heaven – Like in the Old Testament to include: Ezekiel, Elizha, Moses, etc.
  • Died, Arose Again from the Dead and Ascended into Heaven: Jesus the Christ.
  • Ascended into Heaven: Mohamed.
  • Jeeva Samadhi – Turning into Light – In the South Indian Tradition: Babaji, all 18 of the Maha Siddhas with 165 known locations in India.
  • Rainbow Body – Buddhists.
  • 215 known locations worldwide including all of the above beings.


This Web site is dedicated to and organized for ALL that are interested in and committed to Finishing their spiritual path. One of the Maha Siddhas, Boghar, has taken a body again and is living in the jungle in South India. We call him Papa. Papa is making Navapashanam for the people again. Navapashanam is one of the Maha Siddha Medicinal Formulas utilized by many who attained Jeeva Samadhi. Papa has indicated he would make other Maha Siddha Formulas for us; stay tuned for updates!

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