Dedra Derderian

written by Chanera

Glorious Mount Shasta
Shasta! O Mount Shasta!
What Secrets do you hide,
What dwells within that Heart of Yours,
What Light does There abide?

Beneath your snowy peaks so bright
What blessings do you hold,
What Knowledge do you guard so well
From those who seek too bold?

I think I hear you speak to me
From your pure heights above,
I feel and hear your answer now:
There’s just one way —- through Love!

To him who knows that ” Presence” well
And lives It, too, beside,
My Secrets are an open book,
From him I’ve naught to hide.

“Learn well that Golden Key of Life,
It opens every lock;
With It you may fling wide my Door,
For Love ne’er needs to knock.

“O Sons of Earth who seek more Light,
Learn first Love’s Great Command!
Pour out Its Healing Golden Streams,
And in my Heart you’ll stand.”