SwahaRon — Dr. Holman

Immortal Siddhas means a person who has moved beyond the Separation between the Mind/Body & Soul! All cultures describe these remarkable beings (Siddhas). Inn India those that have achieved this state of consciousness are said to have taken Jeeva Samadhi. Inn the Buddhist traditions it is called Rainbow Body. Inn China it is called Golden Light Body. Inn the West the Only Example of this comes from the Old Testament that describes Eliza & Ezekiel having been taken up inn to heaven with their bodies and of course Jesus the Christ! While many have achieved this remarkable achievement without taking any magical and supportive substances many have! These substances ultimate value is to keep the body alive long enough to dissolve Inn to Light! There will be available FREE, some of these substances to those that request without questions. Inn other words for those that clearly get a ‘YES’ inn their hearts. Dr Ron has been studying Energetic Medicine for over 30 years and Owns & Operates a Mental Health Insurance Company in Los Angeles. Ron traveled the world looking for a cure for his wife Linda. Dr. Ron fondly called, Swaha Ron, is an Ambassador of Maha Siddha Alchemy. During this heart felt quest Swaha Ron Woke Up to his own Spiritual Roots & the Purpose of Life which connected him to Immortal Yogis who have given many of their secrets. Ron is a way shower rather than a teacher or guru. Where two or more are gathered Magic can, will, must, could Happen.