Siddha Herbal, Mineral & Metal Medicines


Guided by a Naadi Leaf reading in 2000, a South Indian courier went straight into the South Indian jungle to find and found a Navapashanam Master, who we call Papa. We believe Papa is Boganathar, the Maha Siddha Bogar, who lived an extremely long life through the use of alchemical rejuvenation formulate and special breathing techniques. He traveled all over the world, including China and South America, chronicled the lives of Siddhas much older than himself and mapped out an illumined path to integral transformation of human nature into divinity. His astounding life provides a shining example of our human potential. Bogar’s guru, Kālāngi Nāthar, is believed to be Chinese who attained siddhi in South India and thus became included among the Eighteen Siddhas. It is said that as per the wishes of his guru, Bhogar proceeded to China to spread the knowledge of siddha sciences and his journey is said to have been made with the aid of an aircraft; he demonstrated to the Chinese the details of the construction of the aircraft and later built for them a sea-going craft using a steam engine. The details of these and other experiments demonstrated by Bhogar in China are clearly documented in the Saptakanda. The emergence of Lao Tse with his theory of duality of matter and the journey of Bhogar to China seem to have taken place about the same time, and it is even possible that Bhogar himself went under the name of Lao Tse in China, like another Siddharishi Sriramadevar, who was known as Yacob in Arabia.

Bogar anticipated that human beings would suffer from large number of diseases. As an expert in medicine he used 4448 rare herbs and made 9 poisonous medicines all combined into one to make a Master Medicine to awaken a body’s natural ability to cure itself of all disease and bring a deeper state of balances. Siddha herbal, mineral & metal herbs support the evolutionary process on all levels of all living organisms. Aspects of Maha Siddha Medicine include reviving, awakening, and uplifting dormant characteristics and traits. These aspects already exist within plant life to provide nutritional support when a particular set of circumstances are present. Such circumstances include situational receptivity and personal readiness due to a particular dis-ease, dis-order and/or an individual readiness to evolve. It is possible that Swaha, formerly a Siddha, voluntarily agreed to take a giant step back and come through a birth to reawaken energies for the people in this time.

Papa gave herbs for Swaha, through varouis couriers as well as herbs manifesting in Swahas office. Some of the herb balls, feel to be, hand-made by a being with a big tall head, one foot tall above his eyes, who spoke, Tamal, Hindi and English very well. The Long Head, at first was thought to have a pot on his head or maybe his hair. Swaha said that it was a being with an elongated skull, as those beings have been on earth before.