Fear is the Highest & Most Dangerous Disease Known
Fear Interferes With & Prevents the Full Expression of Consciousness

Feelings come into the mind from memory that are translated into present meaning. All of life’s circumstances are referenced and checking with memory in order to tell us what to do with the present circumstances we are in. Past emotional impressions from their original experience, stored in memory, continue to give meaning to the present, as those emotions surface in the present. Varying degrees of fear are imbedded in most all memories some more obvious, some more intense and some more subtle. For instance, poverty consciousness, wanting a soul mate, death and its meaning, promises made kept and broken, job security, war, wanting a house, racial issues, perceived assaults because of person, gender, sexual orientation, job or lack of, economic status or lack of, spiritual status or wanting of, etc. etc. etc. Without the Discerning Wisdom of Love the mind wanders lost in delusion and confusion.

A mind that is lost in delusion is united with ignorance that is born in fear. A perplexed mind merged in fear is bewildered ceaselessly wandering or driven hither and thither. The purpose of life will be unfulfilled unachieved leaving one pining away languishing.

However a yearning mind can find the Wisdom of Unceasing Love. To be enchanted Inn Love stupefies and fascinates the Mind. As the Mind is Captivated Inn Wisdom and Surrendered Inn Love the Mind can be, may be, must be freed, thus operating free from fear’s influence; this is from Bogar’s poetry. Unceasing Love springs forth as Fear dissolves awakening its Discerning Wisdom.

The ATMA PURNA Yoga Initiation was given to Sri Raman between 2003 - 2005. It was just in early 2012 that Sri Raman, after spending some time with a Longhead Being, whom we believe may be the Immortal Maha Siddha Bogar himself did Sri Raman take delivery on the deeper meaning of the Initiation. Sri Raman understood the Tremendous Power of the Gift he was given - the ATMA PURNA Yoga Initiation.

The Initiation results in a Deepening of Love’s Discerning Wisdom through the dissolving of Fear!!
Impressions from Fear that come up become impotent. Feelings from those Impressions, accumulated over time and over lifetimes - dissolve. These subtle impressions of Fear that show up Inn life’s circumstances are neutralized.

Dreams that used to be experienced as bothersome, nightmares, embarrassing are neutralized. Dreams that used to convey a subtle meaning or a subtle impression that there is some spiritual ineptness becomes impotent. Fear reaction of any kind, any quality or the slightest trace of fear is gone, Wow! Trans-dimensional interactive overlays from multiple realities are converted with integrity into Right Actions Spontaneously.

A deeper experience of the ATMA PURNA Yoga Initiation awakens a ball of Light in Ones Heart of Hearts. That Ball of Light dissolves the impressions that cause & carry fear. Rreality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear, might be imagined or wanted to be. Truth is, herein; consider to Be perfect knowledge of ALL Truth about ALL things Inn and Out of time. The Atma Purna Yoga Initiation allows Inn an experiential understanding & meaning of the Truth Reality of Love; Love is then seen and experienced in All circumstances.

Most people get an automatic response from accumulated memory of what is familiar & expected in the circumstances they are facing in life. All the referenced memories give those circumstances meaning and are loaded with tiny bits of accumulated emotionality experienced in the particular circumstances which produced the memory. Those Initiated have reported that the impressions, that come up are impotent and the feelings about the imprint memories are Neutral which clears the way for Loves Radiating Presence. There is a deeper awareness, a neutrality in the place of emotional reactivity all Inn a noticeable Sea of Love, Wow!

Those that have been Initiated have reported taking a tour through their mind and memories. They have surveyed areas which historically held a meaning of having lack, wanting, missing some quality, insecurity, self loathing, over rationalization, relying on intelligence more than love, having wealth, not having wealth. They have looked at areas of their life that historically resulted in a sense of being less than good enough. They have found after the Initiation there is Fullness there. There is a deeper experience of Love. There is an actual dissolving of All Fears, Wow!!

There are a thousand kinds of Fears which have been reported to be all gone, by those that have received the Initiation. Fear is the Highest and most dangerous disease known to human beings. Fear is the thief that steals clarity causing a missing of some, most, many opportunities from God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Siddha, Spirit,

Consciousness, etc.. Those opportunities from Spirit are meant to fully express Inn the mind and heart. We are made in the image and likeness of God or we are not! If we are made in the image and likeness of God then fear, insecurity, worry, anxiety, dread, lack, is a mind made product reinforced over time.

Sri Raman

Sri Raman will come to USA to offer the initiation to interested persons and couples. The Divine Mother, the Maha Sri La Sri Maha Ananda Siddha, Siddha Agustar and Lord Siva stand behind Sri Raman and come through Sri Raman Inn the Initiation. Sri Raman has been told that 7,200RS is the set offering in exchange for the initiation; however all are welcome with a Heart Felt offering of any amount.

Fear is Ignorance Resulting Inn Generating a Negative Emotion

Fear Is Induced by a Perceived Threat that Causes One to Move Away from the Object, Person or Location of the Threat and Sometimes Hide from Circumstances that Produce a Recognizable Threat, an Unconscious Threat or from Opportunities due to an Accumulation of Subtle Fears

In extreme cases of fear (horror and terror) a freeze or paralysis response is possible. Fear can also be understood as an accumulation of subtle mostly unperceivable triggers called anxiety, which can and typically does occur without any certain or immediate external threat. Additionally, fear is frequently related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, whereas anxiety is the result of threats which are perceived to be uncontrollable, unavoidable and an accumulation of unrecognized fear. It is worth noting that fear almost always points to the future yet is experienced in the present, such as worsening of a situation, or continuation of a situation that is unacceptable. Fear can also be an instant reaction to something presently happening. Most all people have an instinctual response to potential danger.

Uncertainty Generates Fear Until There is Certain About
Who ‘I Am’
Why ‘I Am’ Here
Knowing My Purpose Inn This Life

Most uncertain environments children find themselves Inn results Inn a fear response for the child. So, most humans have logged a multitude of fear responses when they were a child until they reach the age of reason. The fear from uncertainty that was experienced stores away trigger-able when the present is recognized in a similar fashion as the memory of uncertainty.

Error Making Defines Boundaries

The word error entails different meanings and usages relative to how it is conceptually applied. The concrete meaning of the Latin word "error" is "wandering" or "straying". Unlike an illusion, an error or a mistake can sometimes be dispelled through knowledge (knowing that one is looking at a mirage and rather than real water has little impact on the mirage). Some errors can occur even when individuals have the required knowledge to perform a task correctly. Examples include forgetting to collect change after buying chocolate from a vending machine, forgetting the original document after making photocopies, and forgetting to turn the gas off after cooking a meal. It is common in our society to slough off making errors as a defense, as if the Truth Reality of Who One Is could be impacted by forgetting to take your change. This sloughing off leaves ‘I Am Wrong’ baggage in the unconscious mind caused by the mind believing it is Truth Reality.

Concepts Inherently Produce Fear When Taken to Be Truth

The word concept is defined variously by different sources. Philosophers and others generally agree that concepts are formed from experience and other pre-existing mental content by abstraction and other operations in the brain. Concepts are constructs that attempt to make sense out of what is thought or wanted to be true! The words used to explain a concept can only point to the experience never really capturing its essence; such as God! Those that hold a Concept, in the Mind, to be Truth Reality accumulate useless baggage.

Distortions Alters Truth Reality

A distortion is the alteration of Truth Reality which becomes an object, images, sound, waveform or other forms of information or representation while an illusion describes a misinterpretation of a sensation as the original.

Illusion Is Caused by Fear

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation that is outwardly focused. While illusions are distortions of normal reality, these distortions are generally shared by most people, reinforcing the distortion as Truth which results in acquiring subtle fear being normal. Some illusions are based on general societal assumptions the brain makes in the present which are fueled by memory leading to recognition resulting in expectations and meaning that most always carry subtle emotional signals of fear.

Mistake Making is Generally Held to Mean ‘I Am’ Bad, Not Good Enough or Lacking

When One takes the Meaning of Making a Mistake to Mean ‘I Am’ Bad without Separating their Inherent Nature from having or not-having Knowledge - Fear Is There & Accumulates

A Mistake is Defined as to take in error, to miscarry, an error a blunder; to make an error, to do something in a wrong way. To understand wrongly can be embodied as Being wrong, Being bad, Being stupid, Being unaware and can include taking one thing for another, or someone for someone else. Being "mistaken" can carry an understanding that ‘I am Wrong” and can include Ones: identity, belief, notion, view, assumption, impression, idea, thinking, identification, diagnosis, interpretation, person, opinion, conclusion, judgment, conception, perception, theory, reading, concept. When this happens Fear is felt and reinforced, drains energy, makes one old, unhappy and unfulfilled.

Erroneousness Can Embody Fear

To view, understand or feel one is Erroneous contains a thought that becomes a conclusion meaning that ‘I Am’ Inn error, ‘I Am’ inaccurate as Inn being derived from an error. Mistaken which is taken to be and signifies an embodied deviation from the requirements; however in Truth what is embodied is Always Perfect Just the Way It Is All the Time. When That perfection, that ‘I Am’ is overlaid with a sense of Being less than, fear is there and that fear accumulates with every experience of feeling, thinking, acting as if ‘I Am’ less than. This applied connotation of Being Less Than without the Discerning Wisdom of Love; yet has the ability and the authority to distinguish the difference.

Myth Is Commonly Held to Be Untrue
When It Is Actually an Expression of Truth Reality
Being Mistaken the Results Is an Accumulation of Fear

A myth is a traditional story which embodies a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience It is often points to a personification of forces of nature and of the soul. Often a myth is expressed as a sacred narrative regarding a god, a hero, the origin of the world or of a people, etc. Myths are commonly thought to be untrue yet have aspects of Truth Reality that resonate Inn truth for most people.

Myths are stories as a genre for Truth Reality. Some or most myths are indigestible and inexperience able as long as there is a presence of Fear. Myth was the product of man's emotion and imagination, acted upon by his surroundings. (E. Clodd, Myths & Dreams (1885), 7, cited after OED) A myth is commonly-held and ‘thought to’ be a false belief about a common misconception, about a fictitious or imaginary person, event or thing. Myth can also be a popular conception about a real person or event which is felt to be an exaggeration or idealized by an undeveloped understanding, experience and perception of Truth Reality.