Virgo: 8/23 – 9/22

June 2017 Horoscope for Virgo

8/23 – 9/22

Rising up from the Ashes of Old Understanding, Old Outlook and Already Accomplished Abilities you Virgo are more than Ready to Rise ABOVE the Guilt that you carry. Your Breakthrough is Happening which Open you UP to Face and Resolve Moral Dilemmas Utilizing Such Creativity that is Inspired by the Divine Mother. Now the Five Year Old Little Girl with Inn can Emerge from Cover and Walk Way Inn to the Light of Prosperity. Next, the Thunder with Inn Is Ready to Strike on Que, which Highlights the Quantity of what you Get from One Compromise after Another, that Comes you way with Ease. Inn the Near Future you will Notice you want to Postpone Taking Action because you think you are KNOT ready to Take More Responsibility. This Gift is found when you Notice How you Compare! But, Once you Start Peeking Inn to how your Compare, your Ability to Trust Expands. It is ALL from, well most of it, your Past Lives or you could say from your Ancestors that you carry that affords you the Circumstances to Complete, to Be Inn Balance and to Receive Advanced Inner Voice Communication!

May 2017 Horoscope for Virgo

1. Red King The Creator
2. Gray 10 – Re-Birth
A. Purple XV – Conditioning
B. Red 3 – Experiencing
3. Gray 6 – The Burden
A. Gray 5 – Comparison
B. Red 4 – Participation
AA. Red Prince – Integrity
AB. Rainbow 6 – Compromise
4. Gray 9 – Sorrow
A. Purple XVIII – Past Lives
B. Rainbow 10 – We Are the World
5. Blue 5 – Clinging to the Past
The Creator with Inn you Virgo is Connecting to you Right Now at a Deep Level and you Know/Feel that Presence with Inn. This is a Very Powerful Presence that is Gallantly Facing the Sorrow you Carry from your Lineage/Ancestors that you have Chosen to Clear. Many - Many from Past Lives are Awaiting your Success which can, will and is Clearing for the Planet; hard to Believe? You know the Influence of Ignorance from Past lives, Great Anger and Now the Sweetest of Sweetness that Inn this Life you are Working with! It is your Conditioning that you have Cleared and Clearing the Remaining Conditioning that will Guide you Toward the Light! As you Clear that Conditioning your Experience of the Extraordinary Comes to you. Hidden is some of the Burden that you Carry, but it is Hidden Inn your Conditioning that you Know and will Know. As you Notice how you Compare yourself to Others you Will be Able to Participate Inn a Way More Balanced Way. This Frees you up to Utilize the Intensity of you Passion for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All that Encounter you. This Teaches you to Be Able to Compromise, Getting Something from the Most Challenging Situations. Inn the Future you will Once Again Find a Big Box of ‘stuff’ that you Will Be Inn a Positon to Dump and Following that you Will Find a New Kind of Freedom and Happiness.

April 2017 Horoscope for Virgo

Inn the Present there is a Great Opportunity for you Virgo to Complete Blocks for yourself and for many Others! This Completing that will, can, must benefit from your Re-Alignment! So, Know it or Knot Now Is the Time to Complete some of the Guilt that you carry, handed to you before you were 7 years old, added to by you but mostly Belonging to Others. You have had many significant Breakthroughs that have Catapulted you Inn to the Light Already! Deep Inn the Void you have Found Significant Insight. The way people do life with each other brings up ‘Politics’ that to you, feel to be somewhat dirty. Hidden from you are the Totality Inn the Field of all Possibilities, yet you Snatch Glimpses from Time to Time. Feeling like an Outsider has left you Ripe and ready for Healing Now and Processing Guilt Opens the Door! Your Friendliness has Served your Heart Well and Is easy for you Inn Most Situations! Keep it up. Go Inn to Silence more and ‘BE’! You have Felt a Progressive Re-Birth of Sorts Finding yourself Spending More and More Time Inn Sweetness; Where you Play and Have Fun! This Awakens the Creator with Inn whose Light Shines Through you somewhat Incognitoly! As you Complete Pieces of the Guilt a Knew Vision Opens ‘more and more’ for you to Utilize Inn the Correcting of your Trajectory Inn the Life!

March 2017 Horoscope for Virgo

The Guilt you carry is part yours and part Others. The only reason Others Guilt is on your back is because you Agreed to carry it? Still Want to? There is Healing that has Occurred and the Others have also Been Healed. Inn your Unawareness lies a Program Conditioning of Comparing yourself to Others. Some your need and most others need to Compare! The Source with Inn is there Now and You Know it, so what are you Going to do? Choose Wisely and the Ripe Fruit Falls Inn to your hand without Effort! You are Moving forward Inn the field of ALL Possibilities; keep looking forward though! This leads you to Completion after Completion! You know to Seek the Love from with Inn your very own Heart. Keep doing this kind of Seeking and the Sweetness Keeps on Coming your Way. You are well prepared to Face the Sorrow that comes to your Awareness Inn the Future. This Sorrow is Part yours and Part Others also! By this Time you are Ready to Swiftly Step Inn to the Light and to Bless Others to Choose to DO so also! This Action Ignites your Inner Voice even more!

February 2017 Horoscope for Virgo

It is such a blessing that you have learned the art of Compromise because you ‘GET’ so much more; maybe not everything you want however definitely some of what you want on so many fronts. Your Playfulness contributes hugely to your success; what an Art Form you Have! Now you are ready to Turn Inn Ward and notice the ghosts from the past leave as you notice them and continue inn ward! While you are prepared to Fight you have learned how to Compromise, maybe because it is easier to Compromise rather than to Fight? Yet there is a holdover from the days of Fighting, as a choice, which is to hang on to what you have for fear you will lose it! Behind the fear is Suppression of who you are and the abundance all around you! Surrendering to ‘What Is’ and Facing the Music of Abundance Delivers you inn to a Space of Supreme Innocence within your very own heart! What a New Year Blessing for You!

January 2017 Horoscope for Virgo

The Creator with Inn you is present, has been working with you and you know this! You also know that you have removed much childhood conditioning and some is still strapped to by ropes! Once you face the Moral dilemmas inn your life, at home, at work in Life, you will be ready to remove the remaining Conditioning! You substitute facing the Moral dilemmas by using your gift of Seeing beyond illusion then acquiescing to the dilemma rather than stating your position! You are quite ready, slowly, to speak up about your Moral Conflicts inn the life. Just do it; Slowly though! This is curious because you have great fire and strength with inn that supports your budding relationship with the creator! Maybe you have yet to consider unleashing the Fire on to the Moral Dilemmas? Start to do this and you will be much happier and move inn to more of a Global Presence!