Taurus: 4/20 – 5/20

June 2017 Horoscope for Taurus

4/20 - 5/20

This Rebirth is a Journey for you Taurus Inn to the Valley of Ignorance, and Inn to Outraged Reactive Anger about your Conditioning Inn this Place of Duality! You chose to Fully Experience this Path so as to Emerge Inn to the Sweetest of Sweetness that Floats from your Mouth. Intensity is there and as you Find and Choose to Remove the Need to Protect yourself the Field of All Possibilities Opens Up for and to You! Then you are Challenged with yet a more subtle layer of Choosing Between Impossible Choices, from which you ‘learn’ again to Just Let Go! Now you begin to Know how to Swing Free Inn to the Light from Restricted Movement and you Un-Earth where your Need to Be Pointed! The Source with Inn is Constantly thee Guiding you and More and More Patience Awakens with Inn. You Stand Firm on your Ability & Teachings to Turn Inn ward which takes you beyond the Interfering Energy! This prepares you to Participate Beyond the Familiare Illusions that is Sustained by Anger, Fear, and Holding On!

May 2017 Horoscope for Taurus

1. Purple XV - Conditioning
2. Gray 7 – Politics
A. Purple XVII – Silence
B. Rainbow 8 – Ordinariness
3. Red King – The Creator
4. Gray 10 – Rebirth
A. Purple XIX – Innocence
B. Purple II – Inner Voice
5. Gray King – Control
A. Purple III – Creativity
B. Blue 8 – Letting Go
The Good News is that you Taurus have Evaluated much of the Conditioning that you were given Inn Childhood and there is More! That Conditioning, some of which is Valuable to You and some of which can Be ‘let go’ of. What you Know about the Conditioning is that the Politics are calling to you Inn a more Forceful Way and you would Rather Keeping Silent, which works also. Once you are Speaking OUR a little more, you Benefit by Realizing that being Ordinary is just OK and many are Ordinary Inn their Extra-Ordinariness. Viewing Oneself as Ordinary Opens the Door for the Creator with Inn to Come through you ‘way’ More! Wow, you will like it! The Ground that your Ordinariness Stands on is the Result your Re-Birth from gross Ignorance Inn to Anger and now Inn to Sweetness is Primed for! From this State of Sweetness the Innocence with Inn your Heart Serves you Well! As you further Process the Past Energies your Inner Voice Comes Inn to a More Dynamic Participation! Inn the Future there will be an Opportunity to Integrate more Subtle Layers of the Need to Be Inn ‘Control’. You Benefit from this Effort by having Come to you more Creativity! This then Teaches you to ‘Let Go’ which Releases more of the Tension, bringing you MORE Ease, Comfort and Grace.

April 2017 Horoscope for Taurus

You know that there is an Intensity to your Mojo at Times. Please know that at this Time your Mojo is quite a bit of an Asset! Showing that you are passionate will work for you. What Supports you at this Time is you Knowingness that Deep with Inn you is a Heart of Hearts that is Eternally Innocent, Unblemished, Untouched and ALL Love! What you can do is to Make a Decision to Dump the Bag of ‘Stuff’ you have so Interestingly Gathered up, Processed and can Very Easily Complete; Let it Gooo! Even though you are Caught up Inn Comparing your Inner to others! Believing that this is Helpful or Necessary for Change/Growth on your Path could use some Investigation! You will Find some Subtle Guilt under your Motivation. Some of the Guilt is your and some Belongs to Others. You have Evolved up from Heaviness Inn to the Light and that Light can support your Completing the ‘Guild’ and as you Complete your Ancestors Complete also! With this Completed, Now you are Allowed to Act the Fool and to Benefit Inn Super Natural Ways! Inn the Future your Participation in Soooo Many Ways will be Balanced, Colorful and Happy

March 2017 Horoscope for Taurus

Even though you are Awakening from Unquestioning Ferocity you Now are Making the Sweet Angelic Sounds that Raises your Vibration and Raises the Vibration of All that Experience You. It is Patience that Carries you and Teaches you to Be Inn Balance. However, your Ability to see/know Beyond Illusion is Ready for You to Step Inn to Knowing; moreso!. Yes, your Inner Voice is Sweetly Guiding you and at times You are Able to Be Gentle with Interference! This sets the Stage for you to Complete Soooo Much. Keep Up Keeping On Doing this! Your Intensity is Going to Be a Real Acknowledged and Utilized Asset More than it is Inn the Current of you Present. Inn some Time you will want to Travel, thinking you will Find something Important and useful to you on your Path. Before you Travel Please Turn Around and Be with That that You have Already! Then Travel as Jonny Appleseed.

February 2017 Horoscope for Taurus

Inn the Present your situation is One of stepping inn to a Breakthrough which means you are expanding from an old structure inn to a Knew State of Being! This change is due to the Master with Inn having woken up sufficiently to foster this Energy! Now you are able to step further Inn to the Awareness’s that will support your knew state. Seeing through the veils of the reality you were handed as a child and have subsequently recognized as optional, NOW Opens Much for You! All of this is totally supported by the Ground of TRUST you stand Inn! Wow, Great Work! What blessings! Inn the Future you will, with ease break links inn the chain that hold consciousness from realizing all that is possible. You as a Light Worker, and One of Many, can all hold the planet inn the Light of Conscious Awareness!

January 2017 Horoscope for Taurus

As a Child you had dreams of your Future. Maybe it was a casual thought or a forgone conclusion. Inn any event it is important for you to tune inn to that inn the mind of your heart Now! Take the time to Turn Inward and see what comes up because to the extent that those Dreams have or have Knot come True there is an impact upon your Joy & Happiness! Once you discover these hidden treasures you will be read to share what you have discovered and the importance that you have understood! Understanding gives you the mental insight to dig inn to the rest of the buried treasures from this life and past! It is all swirling around you waiting to be discovered and Completed! Check Inn with your Inner Voice and you will see that this is true! Follow you Inner Voice, as you have learned to do, and more will be revealed. Under all these Dreams, Expectations, Hopes Fears is an Eternal Innocence that Inn the Future will Be known to you; if you do the work!