Scorpio: 10/23 – 11/21

June 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio

9/23 – 10/22

Time to Get up off your Duff, so to say, and get Inn to Action, or Knot! You Scorpio’s are Inn many ways sitting pretty and taking a Break. Many of You have Completed a Big Piece and are Quite Joyous and Happy! The Only Fly Inn the Ointment is that you are Prepared to Fight, at an Unconscious Level, from the Past! The Creator with Inn can Help you with That! You will want to keep this aspect out of the Light of Transformation but you Can move through this resistance by Looking at the Bigger Picture and as you Re-Commit to that again, the Field of All Possibilities Opens Her Bosoms to You! What a Blessing Coming your Way! You have Achieved Great Successes and it is these Patterns of Success that you can Map over to your Current Circumstances of Being Prepared to Fight and a wanting to Ice-Olate! Please Go After this with All your Heart and you will Find Such Harmony it will Blow your Mind.

June 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio

1. Gray 8 – Guilt
A. Gray 9 – Sorrow
B. Purple VIII – Courage
AA. Rainbow Ace – Maturity
AB. Red 4 – Participation
2. Purple V – No-Thingness
3. Blue Ace – Going with the Flow
4. Blue 5 – Clinging to the Past
5. Rainbow 7 – Patience
Now is the Ripe Time for you Scorpio’s to Complete the Guilt that has been Stored up from this Life and from your Ancestors. There is Great Sorrow there also that will have to be Completed First! The Good News is that there is an Opening for you for the Sorrow to Complete. The Simple Decision to Begin Completing Bring Courage Immediately. Now the Maturity you have Gained Inn this Life Comes to Support your Work to Complete Sorrow and Guilt. Your Participation is Magnified and Balanced, thus Ego is Quieted. Your Ability to Sit Inn the Emptiness and Be OK is Such a Great Asset for you at this time. This Sitting Inn the Emptiness Brings More of an Ability to Go with the Flow which Inn Turn Teaches you to Let Go of More from the Past that you Cling to. Now you are Ready for a Knew Level of Patience to Be with What is which Brings to you Greater Peace, Happiness and Love.

April 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio

Inn the Depth of your Being is Infinite Unblemished Innocence that is there, was there, and will Be there through ALL Experiences. You have Become Aware of ‘This’ and Embrace Innocence. Now, you are able to also Embrace the Thunder with Inn the Path you Walk and Know that Many are Called yet Few Can Stay On the Path through Great Success and Great Hardships. You are a Sticker! Now is the Time for you to Start Sharing these Gifts, Specifically these, even if you have been Sharing about Innocence and Surviving Tests and Prospering! While you are progressing along your Path there a Question of Morality that has Been and Will Be a Spring Board to your Personal Growth! It is Your Inner Voice that has Participated Inn Guiding You through the Various Moral Influences that have Come and Will Come Your Way! As you Continue to Steer your Way through the Moral Land Mines that are Presented to you, the Benefit to You is for you to Go Deeper where you connect with the Essence of ‘Existence’ it Self. Tapping Inn to the Energy of ‘Existence’ Opens the Door for you Inn the Near Future to Receive Upgraded Guidance that will Benefit you greatly and Provide you with some Challenges!

March 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio

Having ‘Accomplished’ leaves some with the Space to sit back and Enjoy! This is a good thing up to a Point! There is sooo much Creativity there for you, is it Time to Get Inn to Action? Sitting Behind you, as you take it easy, is the Long Journey through the Ages that you have Traveled. From profound Ignorance to Aggressive Action to Sweetness has been a Long Journey! Now Being Playful is your Way! Expanded Ability to Trust Inn the Infinite is Coming to you! You are still Juggling Comparing yourself to Others or Even to how you did Yesterday! Constant Comparative Analysis is Draining! Now Turn to Integrating the Experiences Inn your life, as much as you can! The Urge to Seek and Look for a Path to Travel Comes Up! Stop and Examine what is Right behind you First then you will SEE you Already have what you Seek. Inn the Future your Reality is Beyond Illusion and You Are Happy Joyous and Free!

February 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio

Now in your life you ‘TRUST’ the process of Life Unfolding, for the most part! You have journeyed inn to the Abyss and come out inn to the Light of Awareness. This is a magnificent state to be inn and many can benefit from what you know! The next step for you is to allow yourself to seize upon the awareness of your need to be inn Control; which robs you of some of your creativity and flexibility. In response to the Need to Be Inn Control you are working feverously to let go of your imbalances in many many areas of your life! Inn order to truly complete this work you MUST face the FEAR that is behind you need to Be Inn Control. You are swinging higher and higher inn to the Light yet you are being held back by old connections with Inn; here is the Need to Be Inn Control Again. The Underpinnings of your ability to ‘Trust’ is that you are moving fast with Inn the Field of All Possibilities while you are constantly looking back! Back at What; the Need to Be Inn Control! Is it safe to move forward? Inn the Future you will hit a crossroads where you will have accumulated soooo much material and spiritual wealth that to BE happy you MUST start Giving at a higher level!

January 2017 Horoscope for Scorpio

As you swing forward on your path make sure you know/see/feel those hanging on to you so you can deal with that in a kind and gentle way. They are in fear of losing if you advance! Teach them to compromise and get a win rather than all or nothing. This is part of how you are advancing; Compromise! You are moving inn to a greater level of Maturity and as this awareness arrives, tell the hanger-on-ers about the Maturity that comes when you go direct! You have begun to Master going with Inn; even though there are ghosts form the past hanging around looking for an invitation to bother you. The Only Invitation is giving the ghosts of the past energy through Fear! Explain this to the Hanger-on-ers also! Your Future is full of Experiencing Supernatural Occurrences and when you do, let the thought of how cool this is ‘GO’ just as fast as the awareness comes and the flow of the Supernatural Continues.