Sagittarius: 11/22 – 12/21

June 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius

11/22 – 12/21

Inn the Present, you that are born Inn the sign of Sagittarius are Surrounded by Intense Fire and Heat and are able, for the most part to stay Centered, cool and calm! Obviously it is the Source with Inn that is Supporting your Present! However, waiting for you just outside of your reach is some left over stuff which is the need to protect yourself? As long as you are Engaging Inn Comparative Analysis you Carry the Armor from the Past. Once you set the Intention to Let Go of that Need, to Protect yourself and Start Noticing how you Compare yourself to Others or even yourself, then the Source with Inn Comes through to you Inn a much Bigger Way! As you begin this work, it is your Patience that will Sustain you and you will be able to Begin to Celebrate the Slightest Bit of Progress! However, you are Standing on a History of Holding on to the Need to Be Inn Control! And what is Interesting is that your Reach Touches Such Abundance what is your Need to Rationalize the Need, being Ok, to Be Inn Control! Such a Control Freak! Deal with the Need to Be Inn Control and the Abundance Shows Up as you Now begin to Get Free from ‘Hanger-On-ers’ and you Swing Free Inn to the Light of the Next step! Once Completed you Move Onn to Being able to BE Alone with what used to Make you Sad and Inn that Place The Ability to Trust Comes to your Rescue and you Inner Voice Speaks to you which is your Salvation, Joy Abounds and Love for yourself with Inn Is there!

May 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius

1. Purple O – The Fool
2. Gray 8 – Guilt
A. Blue 7 – Projection
B. Red 3 - Experiencing
3. Gray Queen – Morality
A. Gray Prince – Fighting
B. Rainbow 7 – Patience
AA. Gray King – Control
AB. Gray 4 – Postponement
AAA. Red 9 – Exhaustion
AAB. Rainbow 10 – We Are the World
BBA. Purple XX – Beyond Illusion
BBB. Blue 5 – Clinging to the Past
4. Gray 9 – Sorrow
A. Purple III – Creativity
B. Gray 7 – Politics
BA. Gray 5 – Comparison
BB. Purple Ace – The Master
BAA. Blue 6 – The Dream
BAB. Blue 2 – Friendliness
5. Gray –Princess
A. Purple VI – The Lovers
B. Purple II – Inner Voice
The Fool with Inn has Taken you born Inn the Sign of Sagittarius Deep with Inn the Field of All Possibilities and Now you are Blessed with an Opportunity to Refine your Being Inn a Body. Guilt has Kept many back and with you & your Lineage you have been Dealing with Most of your Guilt by Pointing the Finger at Others. Stop It and your Experiencing of Life’s Beauty Increases! Hidden Layers of Morality of Many Kinds can be Completed at this Time. First you have to Decide to Remove all Armoring of Protection. There was a Time when you thought Protecting yourself was Important but now Experiencing Patiently what ‘is’, Clears! Your Need to Be Inn Control is Ego and to Move Beyond this Need to Postpone Facing what Is holding you back you Must Surrender what you Think is yours! Surrendering is a Commitment to the Divine and a Recognition that All is Inn Divine Right Order ALL the TIME! At First you Might Feel a Little Physical or Emotional Exhaustion, Be with that and Notice that Most of that Exhaustion Belongs to Others! As you Commit to Be with What Is your Ability to See Beyond Illusion Comes On Line More So and there is a Domino Effect of Letting go of what you have Clung to Inn the Past. Carried Sorrow Moves Out through an Opening Inn Back of your Awareness and your Creativity Figures Out how to ‘let go’ of Sorrow. The Upset with Politics of Spirituality Relaxes as you Notice where you are Comparing yours to someone else’s or yours today to yours yesterday; Stop Comparing. All is Inn Divine Right Order all the Time. As you Stop Comparing the Master with Inn Speaks to you Inn a More Recognizable Way. The Dream of Love you Understood as a Child, Now Is Ready to Be Experienced and your Readiness is Brightened by a More Natural & Deeper Friendliness. Inn the Future your Mind can Begin to Heal and Relax with What Is because you Begin to Know the Lovers with Inn and your Inner Voice Confirms that Love with Inn is Way More Attractive to the Outer Significant Other!

April 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius

You Sagittarius have Risen Up from Seemingly Impossible or Harsh Circumstances and from those Circumstances was Born the Ability to ‘See’ and to Follow through with Action that has Launched you on your path! Your Experience has Yielded you such Maturity in Many Areas that has Highlighted your Presence and Strengthened your Message! Now it is Time to Realize that with Inn your own Heart of Hearts is What Most Seek from a Partner! Focusing on your Own Love Connecting to that Inner Lover is your Charge! Standing on Ground of Guilt has Benefited you up to this point because you have Utilized Acting the Fool, at times, rather than to Face what your Feel Is Lacking with Inn! Start Facing Yourself and there is an Awakening of a Spiritual Loving Creativity that Explodes Inn you Beyond what you Know Inn Orgasm! The Really Good News is that Inn the Near Term Future there is a Healing that Comes to you as a result of your Facing the Guilt Finding the Inner Lover that Attracts to you those that are also Vibrating Inn a Like Manner!

March 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius

The Source with INN is Shining INN your Awareness. You know this Source as Your Very Own Self! The Blessing of Surrendering to What is has Blessed you with Ordinariness, that welcomes ‘more and more’ Blessings. Now it is time to Face the Quiet Sense of Being Isolated and All by yourself; that is sleeping Inn your Unconscious! When you are Ready you will have to Face the Politics as an Ordinary part of life which Opens up an Adventure for the Child with Inn! This Adventure brings more depth and Alignment with the Master with Inn which then Makes you Ready to Notice ‘remnants’ of Comparative Analysis, which results Inn thinking of yourself as less than! Once this is Balanced you can take off the Armor that the Child with Inn built Inn order to Be safe which comes off easily as you Consciously Summon for Help from the Creator! Now the Mind’s ‘need’ to Be Inn control can be Resolved to some greater Degree and as that happens your Courage skyrockets, Wow!! This yields Great Flowering of the Mother’s Energy with Inn and an Inner Vision comes to you. It is you underpinnings of Being Complete that Affords you the Ability to Fine Tune so many Aspects of the Way you do Life! Looks like sooo much work yet the Blessings are Immense! You are now Prepared to Embrace the Rebel with Inn and to Soar with the Condor & Eagle!

February 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius

Inn the present you are ripe to deal with the Guilt you carry. You can gain some relief through compromise however facing the elements of the Guilt will bring a Completion. The Source with Inn is your guide and your Friend. Participate with that Source and find your way to Completion. Once you Complete you will be ready to ‘Fly’! Literally you will be able to move with Trust inn to the air! The underpinnings of your Guilt comes from the past. So much ignorance erupting inn to Anger and now inn to Sweetness! What a Complex Journey! You have tapped inn to the ultimate of an ‘Innocent Heart’ which is quite a journey inward! What comes to you is Wisdom and Maturity ONCE you Complete the Guilt! All of this positions you to step inn to the Creator with inn and to Manifest!

January 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius

Conditioning we all have it! We got it from mom in her womb and in the first 7 years of life. We got conditioning handed to us; just part of the package! Important in some regards and important to identify, examine and decide to keep or discard; for sure! Certainly you are facing Politics and know it. Politics at work, family and in society. You prefer to just Let how you feel go rather than doing anything about the Issues! This is the way most people deal with Politics. However, deep within you as you mature you are able and called to say something at least in the Family Politics. As your Maturity starts coming out you will be able to let go of the Past and what you clung to in the past inn order to get along and or to survive! You have had many breakthroughs that have caused some of the conditioning to release! However, breaking through some conditioning has prepared you to face in an active way the Political situations that you have inn front of you and when you do your position inn space and time will approach what you came inn to Do!