Pisces: 2/19 – 3/20

June 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

2/19 – 3/20

Currently you Pisces are Ready to Face and Complete the Sadness Deep with Inn. While this can feel daunting, believe me Now is a Most Auspicious Time to do this Work! You will Complete a Piece that Frees Up your Ability to Utilize All the Thunder and Fire with Inn you, Inn a Most Creative and Constructive Manner. It is because you will be able to Go with the Flow of what is which, as you Let Go of Fear and Resistance and the Source with Inn Shines through! Your Need to Compare Yourself to anyone or anything begins to dissolve and your Ability to ‘Be’ Beyond Illusions begins to Support your Re-Birth Progression from Dullness to Anger to Light Hearted Sweetness. This Loosens Up you Mind from Being to Rigged and you are Able to Sit in the Void and Notice the Fullness that is there also! Your Awareness Sees through the Veils of How things are ‘supposed to work’ and from Deep with Inn, an Innocence Shines Forth! Your Courage comes Inn more and more, with a Magical Result Emerging from the Most unlikely places. Your Inner Voice Speaks to you more so Inn Ways Inn which you can take delivery on the Information. This all prepares you for the Future where you Swing Inn to Action Powered by the Light Free of those that would Hang on to you out of Fear, Believed to Be Owed, or Convenience.

May 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

1. Red Prince – Intensity
2. Purple XIV – Intensity
3. Purple XI – Breakthrough
4. Red 2 – Possibilities
5. Rainbow 7 – Patience
There is Quite a Lot of Intensity in the Light Emanating from your Heart. The Light Illuminates your Face and 3rd Eye Clearly. Wow, How is it Now to Be a Bit of Beacon of Light? As you Know, there are many Polar opposites operate Inn a body Inn 3D Reality and you have Masterfully Integrated many - many of those Energies. Keep up the Good Work! Soon you will have a Breakthrough that will come as a bit of a Surprise to You which will Bring On Line a Child Like Quality of Energy which Will Integrate Nicely for you. Nothing to Do Right Now Other than Keeping On Keeping On. The Field of All Possibilities is yours to Choose from as you Understand the View! You are Really Prepared to Step Inn to Deeper Patience, as if Waiting for Delivery, which can, will, must yield you Great Rewards, some of which you Expect or Hope for and Other Rewards Coming to you for Left Field, yet there are Is a Caldron of Golden Light Pouring Down Upon you!

April 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

At this Time you have a Skill that can Prove to be Very Useful: it is the ART of Compromise. Think to Gain some Part of what you Want and you will be Much Happier and after a while you will have Collected a Bunch of what you Want! Inn the Present you are Set to use the Thunder of your Passion to Interact with Life. Go for It and you will See! It is Ok to Unleash your Thunder, because of the Creativity you Carry and that you will Put Inn to the Thunder; you Already Know this! As the Thunder Starts of Roll, your Inner Guidance Steps up and You begin to take Delivery of that Guidance to a Greater Degree and Trust! All of this Prepares you to Address your Need to Be Inn Control and to Discover what the Need of ‘Being Inn Control’ does for you? One thing you will Get Right Way is the Conditioning that got Layered Upon your Back as a Child! Once IDed you have a Much better chance to Start Completing some of those Pieces from Conditioning!

March 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

Going with the Flow is One of your Strong Points and you Know it. However, from time to time taking a Pulse on where the Flow is taking you and making some Conscious Decisions is also Important! To Be able to Go with the Flow to the Extent you have Developed you have had to exercise Soooo Much Patience; most others would Love to have; time to teach Patience! There is a Blessing Available to You that comes as you offer a Conscious Sankulpa to the Universe and that is a Receptivity that is of the Highest; the Divine Mother Awakens and Consciously Participates Inn Your life! Going with this Flow takes your Life to a Whole Knew Level of Sweetness, Joy & Power! Inn the near Future you will walk up on that same door you faced as a child ONLY to find that you can Open it or you can Choose to let it Go, both Options are Good for You; as you Know!

February 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

Now it is easy for you Pisces to glide moment to moment through areas of your life that used to be much more difficult! Wow, Hard Work Has Paid Off for you. You have Transformed so powerfully and are just beginning to emerge inn to the Knew you. However, your Guidance is barely on line, so be happy that sooo much more guidance is coming to you. The Lovers with inn are known to you. This realization really sets you apart from the state of seeking from another to be ok, when you realize you are Complete with Inn. Your inner guidance now comes to you in a more profound way; lucky you! The ground that has fostered your ability to live with ease is Transformational!! Moving from where you are NOW with the momentum that is happening opens your Future up to Being able to thrive in situations with way less effort than is necessary today, to bring Fruit your Way. Getting More with Less Resources Required!

January 2017 Horoscope for Pisces

Being Alone and Being Comfortable means the Light of God’s Presence is Shining Upon you. Where ever you go or where ever you are, there is KNEW Growth happening with what you Touch. The Intensity of your Presence continues to burn through the baggage from the Past preparing you to Be Ready to face the issues that you have been Postponing Facing. Even with the Postponing you have been successful Inn Seeing inn to the field of Possibilities and choosing very a very refined decision making from the circumstances inn your life. However the Rebel with inn that has great gifts for you can be accessed once you face what you have consistently postponed facing. Inn the Future you become what you seek, inn that finding the Lover with Inn you gives you a completion that prepares you to find through attraction the same; a complete partner!