Libra: 9/23 – 10/22

June 2017 Horoscope for Libra

9/23 – 10/22

Inn the Middle of Life there are Moral Questions that come up, are subtle, yet at times can be Sharp. What is Ok and what is worth walking away from is Squarely Under you View. As you know much of this is filtering Inn to you Now, from your Past and you are Ready to be Dealt with this Rapidly. The Way that you Deal with the Moral Dilemmas, shapes the Transformation that Comes to you! You Need to Be Inn Control is a tired and worn out Point of View for you Libra Now! It is you Maturity that Aids you Inn Letting Go of the Need to Be Inn Control. This Results in Living Beyond Illusion, as your Maturity Goes Deeper and Is More Encompassing! This Prepares You for a Change of Epic Proportions, where you are able to Stand Still. Slowing Down is the Key and you Know this! You are Now Prepared, Inn a little bit of time to Once again sink Inn to the Abyss and this time you can Nest Inn It Comfortably. You will be able to face the need to Resist and Fight what you do not know or understand. You will be able to Just Be Inn the Over Whelming Urge to Compare Your Self to something Else! Boooo!! You will want to get out of Dodge, but you will Choose to Kick yourself Free so that you can Swing Inn to the Light. You will Be able to Step Inn to Primordial Innocence and Marvel at the Wonders G-d has Created. The Ability to Go with the Flow will Come, without thought or Effort, Wow!!

May 2017 Horoscope for Libra

1. Rainbow 7 – Patience
2. Gray Queen – Morality
A. Rainbow Ace – Maturity
B. Blue Princess – Understanding
3. Purple XVIII – Past Lives
4. Gray 4 – Postponement
A. Rainbow 10 – We Are the World
B. Gray King – Control
BA. Red 8 – Traveling
BB. Purple VIII- Courage
5. Rainbow Princess – Adventure
Due to Your Good Fortune and Hard Work Inn this Life and Past Lives you Libra Right now are Able to Exercise Patience Inn the Life. While there are Many Competing Interferences Revolving around Morality you are left on top of the Decision Making Choices Due to your Maturity. As you Solidly Confront and Complete some more of the Moral Choices at hand your Understanding Lifts you off the Perch and Allows you, Inn a Supportive Way, to Taking Flight and Travel with Knew Higher Vibrating Ones. The Hidden Blessings from Past Lives also comes to you as you Confront & Complete. The Foundation you are Growing from, at THIS time, Allows you to Move Beyond the Need to ‘put off’ or to Postpone Taking the Action that will Brighten your Participation Inn the Advancement of Humanity. Behind the Need to Put Off is your Hidden Need to Be Inn Control which can Slow Down You Taking Action. The Path and Direction you See Ahead of you is ONLY One choice. Another Choice is to ‘go back’ and BE Inn the Light you Already have. Basking inn the Blessings of the Light you already have Awakens such Courage you can’t Imagine! Being this Light with Inn Takes you to Such an Adventure that the Child with Inn that has been Quiet Begins to Come Forth Ready to Play!

April 2017 Horoscope for Libra

The Creator with Inn Is Silently Glowing Golden from your Inn Side Out! This Glowing attracts ‘Like’, so know that what you Attract Right Now, is a Reflection of what comes from with Inn! Knowing who you are and that your ‘Being’ Existence Is One with All that Is, Was and Can Be Carries by you Well! Step Inn to a Little more Playfulness, Laugh and Kick Up your Heals Inn Celebration and you will Provoke Spirit with Inn to Smile through you Even More! You stand on a Firms Foundation that is Integrated on Soooo many Levels. There is a Knewness to the Way you Show Up and Others Feel/See It Coming from your Field! The More you Embrace this Goodness and Magic with Inn the More it Manifests! You are Being Prepared for a Growth Spirt that will Be Happening Inn, what Appears to Be, a Most Inauspicious Place! However, It is Your Courage that will Sustain you, Know that this Is coming and Wow, Buckle Up!!

March 2017 Horoscope for Libra

It is good thing that you have acquired some Patience and have Awakened your Inner Voice. Surely a Transformation has come and more Transformations are on the Way. As you Are Practiced at turning Inn-Ward there is a real Opportunity for you to Clean up a lot of Micro Layers! Most Humans Minds are wanting to be Inn Control; most are unaware of the Minds Efforts. The More Aware you become the Easier it is for you to Notice the Strategies you used when you were Younger to Protect yourself; from what? This then Gives you Permission to Teach the Rebel with Inn to Play on your Behalf! Next your Awareness of Moral Dilemmas Points to something with Inn; subtle desires? Once recognized there is Great Harmony Awakened that works on your Behalf! Now more Harmony comes to you. Next you can find the two Immovable Positions you are holding on to which Stretches your Character, until you Just Let Go and Free Fall; Trust gets you a soft landing. The Burden you carry is OLD and Mostly belonging to your Ancestors. When you First Decide to let the Burden Go, Guilt Comes Up which is the Signal for you to Dump the Past Completely. Once you Make the Decision a New Vision of Understanding Comes! There is an Ease Now as the Future Arrives Effortlessly from the Field of All Possibilities!

February 2017 Horoscope for Libra

You have done a lot of work to clear up your stuff, childhood, relationship, work etc. Now that you have so much boxed up and are ready to dump it you have to turn around before you let go! Inn other words you must face what you want to let go of and then you can be free of it! It is your conditioning that has got you to this point and while you have a lot of the conditioning boxed up this is a big step and will there is more subtler conditioning to free yourself of! So, first things first! Face the Conditioning you know of and let it go replacing it with who you are and what you believe today. Do this and then be ready to feel a completion that will catapult you inn to the next phase of your journey! You have connected with your inner to the extent that you know/feel that you are part of the Global Consciousness. Know that you can compete one phase after another! Relax because this is a never ending journey; one completion after another more subtle than the last! All of this prepares you to notice when you are inn the depths of the abyss, Ice-Olated and Alone! The Truth is that this State is a doorway to more Light than previously known. With this expansion of Light you are ready to discover the Lovers with inn yoru very own heart! You find there everything you seek from another to be complete! Once you step inn to this Reality Awareness the Exhaustion you Feel will Be Relieved!

January 2017 Horoscope for Libra

Your ability to tap inn to all that is was and can be is on line and you know this clearly from time to time! The more time you spend plugged inn to more reliance to that knowingness comes to you. The biggest thing that interferes with that knowingness is the minds need to be inn ’control’  You have been getting around dealing with the need to be in control by tapping inn to unbridled Innocence and Purity! However, if and when you face that need to be in control you will most definitely have Breakthroughs one after another as you go through the layers of needing to be in Control and what is behind that need. As you begin this work, from being inn Silence, comes a greater and deeper knowing reliance that comes to you! While you have been receiving Healing all along, this healing grows as you face the need to Be Inn Control and as the Being inn Silence Deepens your Intuitive Knowing! Wait, because this all matures in the near future, after you do the work, to an Inner Voice you rely upon with deeper certainty, clarity and love!