Leo: 7/23 – 8/22

June 2017 Horoscope for Leo

7/23 – 8/22

What you Cling to Persists, this is a Spiritual Axiom! The Good News is that you are Ready to Spin and Release what you Cling to. This is Accomplished by Heading the Guidance from your Inner Voice. Once you ‘leg go’ you are Ready to See the Armor you carry and once seen you are Ready & Able to Remove it or have it removed; Your choice! Once you Stop Fighting to Be OK and Safe you can then See how you are Comparing yourself to Others and thus you can Now sit Inn the Void! You know how to Trust Inn the Divine and this will Carry you Inn to a Knew Level of Spiritual Maturity. You will Be Able to Slow Down and Choose to come Inn to the Light of Prosperity which Reveals what is above the Generational Guilt you Carry. Now, you Can Choose to Examine what you Point at as the ‘fault’ of your Circumstance and take More Personal Responsibility. This Opens you Up to Being Able to See the Moral Dilemmas that have bothered you! You will want to Postpone Facing some of the Moral Dilemmas but Once you make the Decision to Look Inn, your ability to Tune Inn to those Dilemmas Grows because your intention to see causes you to see beyond Fear! Next, your Perception about your required Path Opens up to Short Cuts that Save Time; Dimension Hopping. This Results Inn the Source with Inn Coming On Line more so. The two things you hold on to so furiously are both Ready to Be let go of and your Fire with Inn Sustains you all by yourself. You will have to get up off your duff and get back inn to Action. Such a Journey you signed up for Inn order to find True Love.

May 2017 Horoscope for Leo

1. Purple IV – The Rebel
2. Purple XVI – Thunderbolt
3. Purple VII – Courage
4. Purple II – Inner Voice
5. Rainbow 6 – Compromise
The Time has come for the Rebel with Inn you Leo to Participate Inn an Important Way as a Result of the Balance and Maturity you have Accrued! Many of the links to Resistance have been Opened and Now is the Time to Break through many more Links of Resistance! Inner Knowing is there and the Thunderbolt of Awareness is Hard at Work Supporting your Life Mission. Now is the Time for a Sprouting of Courage Inn an Unexpected Way. This Sprouting Brings Great Beauty and Up-Liftment to Others who will Be Delighted and Amazed with your Presence. You are Standing on a Solid Ground of Inner Wisdom that Speaks to you More and More! Listen and Heed that Guidance. Inn the Future you will Be Able to Prosper from a Advanced Ability to Receive Inn Situations that at First Appear to be a NO. You Inner Voice will Help you to Stand Tall and to Receive Some of what you Want by Just Being Present!

April 2017 Horoscope for Leo

Guilt is Brought on by what has been taken on from the past and from others. Inn some Instances Guilt has been a family system energy, inn which children inherited Guilt! There is a simple solution which is Completing; owning what is your and Letting Go with Love what is Others. Most likely some written exercises and prayers Ho Oponopo can help! This then Unlocks the Creator with Inn to Come through to You Inn a Most Unexpected Way! It is Inn the Depth of the Silence with Inn that you have Found your Way! This is a Powerful Resource that can aid your continues Progress! At some Point it is this Inner Peace that Awakens a Wholesome Channel to Express Intensity, Passion and Conviction. There is a Rebel with Inn you Leo, that has already broken many of the Links Inn the Chains that Bind! As you Complete More and More of the Guilt more and more of the Links Give Way! Clearing and Completing All of this Gives Way to Intensifying your Ability to Take Delivery Upon an ‘Inner Voice’. This Inner Voice has a Wave and Green Hugh to It which Spells Out Success and Wealth Guidance!

March 2017 Horoscope for Leo

Now that you are Trusting the Infinite and the Magic that Automatically comes as the Divine wants you to have and to Play with, you Soar Beyond what you knew as possible. It is the Sorrow of many that Inhibit the Manifestation of Magic and yet you are sooo Ripe the Magic Comes to you Anyways. Stope Comparing yourself to Others and more Magic Comes. Sit in the Realization that each One is Unique and their life and practices Yield what God would have them Be! Clear this Muck by Sitting in the Midst of Emptiness and Be Inn that! Eventually you are sooo Comfortable and Inn that Comfort is also the Light! Your Joy and Connection to the Divine is Felt as you Play and are Joyful Inn your Play. Keep it up! Inn the Future from the Presents Successes and Difficulties comes sooo much more ACCESS to the Field of All possibilities. Surrender to what is and Notice the Expansion.

February 2017 Horoscope for Leo

You are inn a space to Trust Trust Trust Inn Your-self and that all is Inn Divine Right Order ALL the Time! Being able to Trust has been coming easier as you have been Slowing Down; what a blessing! Now your Inner Voice is speaking to you with more critical information is coming so pay attention to the Knew Channels! The underpinnings of your ability to Trust is actually a mixed energy. On One hand you would rather postpone taking certain actions that eventually you take. This is because of the Intensity inn your heart and soul. However, the Source with Inn is there ready to work with you to move forward with more ease and self-assurance! As you continue to Slow Down Know that you will be recognizing instances that you would like to postpone and will be able to take more immediate action. This Action leads you inn to a state where your Guidance becomes so Loud and Clear that the Postponing virtually ends.

January 2017 Horoscope for Leo

While you have been concerned and others have mentioned to you from time to time about your Intensity, Now is the time where your Intensity can be used like a laser cutting through that that can be discarded! You will have to start with the Armoring that you carry, whether you realize it or not armoring is there. Its purpose is to protect! You have gotten around taking off the armor by Sharing and Giving which has filled other with much Light! However, the impatience you feel is directly the result of the Need to Protect Yourself! Focus on removing the Armor and the Patience comes then the Light you Feed others will Be much Purer! In addition the New Patience will allow you to sit Inn Silence like never before. Inn Silence you will Know G-d like never before! Try it, take off the Armor and sit inn silence! All of this is happening because you are inn a period of Ripeness where things come together because they are supposed to come together. The Fruit of your efforts fall inn to you hands with little or No Effort! So put out some of your intensity to discern the roots of the Armoring! Inn the Future the Dreams you had as a child also materialize; you will be happy; once you remove the Armor!