Gemini: 5/21 – 6/20

June 2017 Horoscope for Gemini

5/21 – 6/20

You Gemini are flying high with Quite a Vantage ‘Point of View’ over so many Choices where to Land and Take on Opportunities. You are Blessed with such intensity and the ability to direct your energy pursuant to your Intention! Wow, You have done such work to be at this point on your Journey. Now, though you are ready to lay aside ALL Need to Protect Yourself because each encounter offers you an opportunity you are ready for to advance Inn the Face of Interference. Some might think this is scary but You Gemini have Integrated sooo many Polar Opposites and you are connected on so many levels, some of which you already know and others you can only discover with Inn the Circumstances where the Interference Presents itself. This Teaches you to Compromise and get some of what you want in ALL regards. Some, even a little can add up. Be Grateful for what Comes! You stand on a Field of Silence where the Divine Mother Cuddles You! Once you complete All of this you then are Ready for more Layers of Conditioning to Be Revealed and Removed; some more work is required!

May 2017 Horoscope for Gemini

1. Blue 5 – Clinging to the Past
2. Red King – The Creator
3. Purple III – Creator
4. Purple Ace – The Master
5. Purple XI – Breakthrough
You have Done a LOT of Personal Completion Work on Conditioning and Beliefs, Congratulations. And now there is a Great Opening for you to ‘Let Go’ Inn a More Complete Way than Ever! The Creator with Inn has your BACK and has been and will be there to Help you Turn to the Light with all the Baggage you have got Boxed Up! You know that this has and is Happening for you Now! What you will Find out, Once you have ‘Let Go’ More Completely, is that a Knew Experiencing of Creativity Comes On Line! This is a Sweetness of Energy and Inspiration the likes of which you have Knot seen before; for sure though it is coming! The Master with Inn has been of Constant Support and is the Foundation that you have been working from! This Kind of Support Continues to Be there for, Inn you and around you. This Creativity Leads you, Inn the Future to a Tremendous Breakthrough that will Rejuvenate and Inspire you!

April 2017 Horoscope for Gemini

Now is the time when the Divine Feminine Awakened with Inn Showering you with Creativity, the likes of which has yet to Dawn Upon You Genini! Go with It, without Fear and Prosper Greatly. While there is Ancient Sorrow Inn you, there is an Opening there for you to Let the Sorrow Find its Righteous Place Inn the Heavens! You Know how to Swing from One High to the Next High but at this time there are ‘hanger-on-ers’ that need to GO on their Own! Set an Intention to shake the ‘hang-on-ers’ Free to so they can Stand on their Own! Both of you All will have a Brand Knew Adventure, you letting the ‘hang-on-ers’ stand on their own and you be Doing the Right Thing for Them! Now you are Primed to have the Creator with Inn come through to you with soooo Much More Light, so much that you Attract a Whole Knew Cadre of Like Mlnded Souls. Enjoy! Inn the Basement of your Being is Darkness, Isolation, and an Infinite Void that you are Ready to Embrace and as you embrace ‘THIS’ you Discover that Inn ‘That’ is Also the Fullness! The Fullness of Your Being and of All that Is, Was and Can Be! Wow!! Inn ‘THERE’ you will be Able to ‘Let Go’ of sooo much more that you are Clinging to from the Past! Some of what you cling to will become Visible to you, Just Now! All of this Completing Prepares you for the Future Inn which the Intensity of you Love, Creativity and Light becomes sooo much MORE!

March 2017 Horoscope for Gemini

Since you are entering the Rainbow Light at this time, it is obvious that the Child with Inn is Ready to Play at a more Transparent Way; Congrats! Inn the Past you have Isolated yourself to Protect yourself, out of Fear! Most of these Patterns have come from Past Lives. It is your Inner Guidance that has and will Continue to help you. Eventually a Deeper Psychic Creativity Opens to you. Start Celebrating your Life NOW and more and more come Inn to Balance. The Creator with Inn has been speaking to you and guiding you all along. You sense and know this Creator! What a Blessing! Inn the Future the Real Blessing is that you will Notice Being Exhausted and will have the Insight and Strength to Know that you can ‘let go’ of the Armor that you carried when you needed to Isolate yourself! Your Participation is Way Cleaner and Balanced and as you Experience Supernaturally the Awareness of Who you are Fill Inn the Exhaustion with Love and the Spirit of Forgiveness!

February 2017 Horoscope for Gemini

Inn the Present you are surrounded by emptiness which is a blessing of immense proportions. The Blessing & Opportunity present calls for you to nest inn the Emptiness! You know how to go inn to the Silence with Inn already and what you find at this time, is soo much more Light than you can imagine! As the light begins to pour inn the Rebel with Inn awakens more and more allowing you to break the links of the chain that bind, hold back, prevent! The ground that you stand on is the Infinite Creator with Inn which you are comfortable with, who has blessed you, and supported you on every step of your journey. All of this prepares you to be able to recognize the Guilt you and humanity carry. You are being prepared to be able to accept and transmute what belongs to you, what belongs to your ancestors and what belongs to others. You will do well!

January 2017 Horoscope for Gemini

They say that the Fool is Deeply Inn Love! The Fool through Love moves beyond the Physical Laws of Nature. The Fool entertains ONLY Love of the Divine and so you; al lot! This explains why soo many good things come to you because your RECEPTIVITY is way amped up and it is easier for you to Notice the Goodness that surrounds everyone all the time! The Unfolding and Transformation continues to Happen; you are right on schedule! Courage moves you forward and through the Fear that stops most people. Your Courage is without questions; a lot! When you hesitate you move quickly back inn to action with Courage and Determination! This leads you to a place of Celebration of Life in a Most Magnificent way! Keep it up as you are an example!