Capricorn: 12/22 – 1/19

June 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

12/22 – 1/19

The Rebel with Inn has paid all the dues Necessary for the you to Be Fully Present and to Benefit from the Rebels Actions. You stand One Foot here and One Foot there which when both are let go of, the Deep Connection to the Mother & Father Divine with Inn Come Together. Wow, this is the Ticket to Bringing on Line the Patience to Allow the Lovers with Inn to Be Come a Fixed Part of the Equation you are Mastering Inn the Life. This Frees You Up to Be Able to Notice the Magic More So. What has Been Going On, Mostly Out of Conscious Connection, Now Comes Inn to a Much More Focused Recognition. The Master with Inn is there Guiding you and Inn the Glow of that Presence with Inn You are Guided and Blessed. Wow, what a Journey Inn to a Maturity that comes to you Out of Left Field, yet so Much Recognition Is there about How you Got to this Knew Level of Being!

May 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

1. Purple 0 – The Fool
2. Gray 8 – Guilt
A. Purple XII- New Vision
B. Gray Queen – Morality
BA. Blue 9 – Laziness
BB. Blue 5 – Clinging to the Past
3. Purple XVI – Thunderbolt
4. Rainbow 7 – Patience
5. Red Ace – The Source
The Fool with Inn is Serving you Capricorn Quite well at this Time! It is your Devotion to the Unseen that Takes you to Knew Heights with Inn! Keep On, Keeping On and you Will Be Able to Complete Generational Guilt with more Ease than you Thought! The New Visions that Come to you Assist you Inn Relaxing Inn to Solution! While it is More than Guilt, Moral Dilemmas are there that Need to Be Completed First for the Guilt to Complete. These Dilemmas Causes One that is Successful to Just Sit back and Vegetate; Really? Take Action to Complete and That that you have Been Clinging to from the Past, Known and Un-Known can Complete. As you Begin Completing the Fire with Inn Comes On Line that Catapults you Inn to even more Action, Sweet and Easy Action without Sweat! You have the Patience to Complete, so go Ahead and Examine and Make Peace with the Elements of Un-Rest though. Do this and the Future Awakens the Source with Inn to Knew Intensities of Light, Love and Happiness!

April 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

The Foundation that your Present Stands On is Courage which Gives you the ‘where with all’ to grow and prosper Inn the Most Inhospitable of Circumstance. Such a Gift, most would love to have this Gift! The Load of Personal ‘stuff’ that you have Processed, Boxed Up and are Ready to ‘let go’ of is Inn your hands! Make a decision to ‘Let It All Go’! Your Angels Guide You and you Know it. Give the ‘Stuff’ to them! Ask them to take it! It is Time! Once the ‘Stuff’ is let go of, then you can address that that is Suppressed. Again ask you Angels to Inform you, assist you and to work with you to ID First, then Write an Inventory! Once you have the Inventory Rank Order what you find from Heaviest to Lightest. Start with the Lightest! All of this Prepares you to Slow Down and Inn Slowing Down you are Equipt and Ready to Continue Out from the Shade Much More Inn to the Light! As you Proceed ‘more and more’ Inn to the Light, your List of What is Suppressed will be Very Useful because there are Infinite layers of Subtler Aspects of your Stuff! Keep working On it!

March 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

Inn the Future there will be a Great Level of Spiritual & Practical Maturity which is dependent on you doing some work, and right now is the time for Focused & Concentrated Action! As you know you have been putting off facing some sadness Inn the Life and you have hung your hat on the Ability to See, having risen up from the Ashes of that Sadness! However, you still carry the armoring born from the need to protect yourself; from What? The Opportunity is Now to ‘TRUST’ Inn the Divine and Embrace ‘ALL’ that is/was Inn Divine Right Order! Do this deeply and sincerely and you Find what you seek, with Inn your very own self! The ‘Defiant You’ has broken through many links of Conditioning and It is important for you to Recognize this and to Keep on with this! It is your Mind Insisting to Know what can ONLY be Known through Direct Experience! Direct Experience creates the Heat of Discontentment! It is your Participation Inn Surrendering to What Is that Opens the Door to the Infinite Creativity of Love & Peace of Mind that Can Come; Now & Quickly! Your Intensity has served you well and as you Direct that Ability to Facing what you have put off are you ready to proceed with Greater Accomplishment?

February 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

You know that you are being pulled in two directions at the same time and at different times! What to do? You have been feeling like an outsider for a long time and have been affected by a fear of falling or Letting Go for a long time that has been a amorphous sense of doom. You have contended with all of this by ignoring and choosing to go with the flow of what is around you, yet your insides are a bit sour! The Good News is that there is a Big Transformation Ready for You! The Key is to Just Let Go and as you free fall into the abyss notice the ‘Light’ that is there and will be there. You will want to Postpone doing this as you have thought to just let go many times. You can almost see inn to the Field of all possibilities and believe you can make it! Let Go and inn the Silence of the Abyss the Transformation Will Must Happen. When you land, or come too, inn your Mind, you will have the Abundance of a King with Knowledge to Share from your Incredible Feat!

January 2017 Horoscope for Capricorn

There is an enormous untapped inn-er Courage coming to you inn the Future once you face that that you are suppressing. Suppression requires energy which can be used to settle into the ability to Compromise and get a partial win; rather than holding out and getting nothing except disappointment. You have been powering through the past unknowing and anger which has rewarded you with Sweetness; yet this work is unfinished! You untapped Intensity is different that utilizing your Thunder! The Intensity of Subtle Energies yields greater insight & awareness! You have Transformed naturally, mostly due to your good Karma from the Past. This Continues yet heightened as you face what is behind the Suppression, past unknowing & Anger. Completing all of this leads you to the place where you can stop comparing your insides and outsides to others and or to your past performance. You will naturally be able to step inn to the Innocence with Inn your Soul, again due to your past Life Good Karma which prepares you for the Untapped Courage to look at facing shadow aspects of yourself like buried treasures eager to excavate and find the Gold. All circumstances are Opportunities to Get Closer to God, Spirit, Consciousness or Further Away; you decide!