Cancer: 6/21 – 7/22

June 2017 Horoscope for Cancer

6/21 – 7/22

Ok, One More Time That that is Being Clung to from the Past is ‘up and ready’ to be let go of! Celebrating, Now, moves you inn to letting go of the Need to Fight and or to Protect yourself. The Ghosts of the Past are ONLY able to Interfere when you feed them! As you Integrate more and more, your ability to rise up happens and you Understand That Retrospectively. Why are you Postponing taking the Required Action? Readiness is the Key and All is Inn Divine Right Order for you to ‘notice self responsibility’ where you are Pointing a Blaming finger somewhere other than at yourself! As you choose to take Deeper Responsibility an Inner Awakening come to you Inn the form of Experiencing Innocence. You have Plenty of Power to ‘ride out’ the present Circumstances and to come out better off than you were; actually better off than you can imagine! Inn the Future you will be Able to Face such Lineage Sorrow and to Clear it! You will want to Be Inn Control which will take you on a longer path or by Exercising More and More Patience you will be able to Stop and ‘back track’ a little, Inn to the Light you already Know! This Inn Turn Opens the Field of all Possibilities Affording you many more Choices, Joys and Love.

May 2017 Horoscope for Cancer

1. Rainbow 5 – The Outsider
2. Blue 10 – Harmony
3. Red 6 – success
4. Red King – The Creator
5. Rainbow 7 – Patience
The Child with Inn that is 6 years old is feeling like the Outsider and is about to Notice that the Lock appearing to Be Closed is Open and with very little Effort this Child can Open the Gate of Ones Heart Desire! There is Great Inner Harmony that is there Supporting this Child and as you Cancer’s proceed just ‘go ahead’ and speak to the 5 year old. This yields Great Success Inn ways that you can Envision and Inn ways beyond your Imagination. You Cancers are Standing on Solid ground with a Foundation Inn the Depths of the Creator. There is Great White and Golden Light Coming Up through your Feet and Out your Hands and the Top of your Head. Inn the Future ALL of this Yields such Great Patience for you and for Others Around you. Patience Allows you to Experience Insightful Compassion and to Support others which Supports you Inn Ways you will Only Understand Inn the Future!

April 2017 Horoscope for Cancer

The Ghosts from your past are held Inn Place due to the Guilt you are Responsible for; some yours and Most from your Lineage & the Collective! Wow, Quite a Job you took On! You have been Gallantly Dealing with this Guilt with Intense and Insane Courage; more than most would/could Muster! However, if you are Ready to Step Inn to the Light of Creation you MUST Complete the Guilt and Utilize ALL of the Courage you have Learned to Muster for Higher Purposes! It is your Past Lives that has Brought the Guilt and thus the Ghosts! Now that you know ‘this’ get Busy to Complete the Guilt and you can Dance like a Fool with Inn the Mysteries of Creation! There is Deep Maturity that you stand on which is Flowering as we Speak! This Maturity is also the Base of your Security; the Light with Inn! Inn the Future you will be Standing Upon two Immovable Pillars and without Knowing to do, you will Simply ‘let go’ and Free Fall Inn to the Abyss of ALL Creation! It is your Trust that supports you and at the Feet of Maturity you Discover even Deeper States of Bonding with the Lover with Inn.

March 2017 Horoscope for Cancer

Inn the Midst of All that Is, One, at Times, Projects On to What Is, Rather than Sitting Inn the Midst of What Is to Know from with Inn. It is your Maturity that Aides you to Sit Inn the Midst rather than Project. The More you Consciously Choose to Sit rather than Project more and more Courage Opens to you. Now that you are able to move above the Muck of the Past’s Ignorance and Blossom Inn to Sweetness from Anger, you are Ready to Sit Inn the Indescribable. As you sit you Naturally Begin to Share the Fruit Inn your Awareness and Move Even Further Beyond Illusion. Thus Opens the Light that Leaves you Happy Being Alone and Happy with Others. Inn the Future another Layer of Guilt comes Inn to your Awareness; most of which is the Collectives Guilt. You are Able to Notice the Subtler Layers of Armoring you carried as a child and Remove the Conditioning with much more ease. Inn Addition, your Ability to Notice what you Suppress comes to the Light of your Awareness and you Begin to Trace that to the Minds Need to Be Inn Charge! At this Point you are able to Turn and ‘let go’ of more of what is Clung to from the Past which Awakens Deeper Innocence with Inn.

February 2017 Horoscope for Cancer

The Master with Inn is alive, well and very active at this time. You are operating in many regards beyond the Illusion of ‘Normal’ inn this 3D reality. Hidden is your need to compare your process, life, relationships, lack of to others or yourself etc. As you naturally slow down much of this need to engage your mind inn comparative analysis will dissipate and as it dissipates your Inner Voice will manifest additional recognizable support! It is the Thunder, Fire and Light with Inn that has gotten you to where you are and will continue to catapult you forward! Be gentle and gracious with this aspect! Inn the Future Consciousness is available to take you even further inn to the Light! Your Creativity will soar multiplying greatly at every step! There will naturally be politics between people and as you graciously surrender to what is and accept, your blessings come forth in droves! You will be hastened as your patience present the present! This takes you inn to a Re-Birth of Sorts surrounding you with Sweet Music that you will, can, must see, know, hear! Your Friendliness is inviting and many come! Those that come bring their gifts and some heaviness. The Moral dilemmas arise, some call for action and some call for letting the heaviness be! There will be an influence to postpone taking some necessary action but this too is an opportunity to step inn to Transformation Inn Action! This Action ignites more and more supernatural experiencing. Your Inner Harmony Arises more and more and as you continue doing what got you here, the World Benefits!

January 2017 Horoscope for Cancer

Maturity has flowered with Inn you so sweetly and nicely. The Good news is that the current of the Present has an amplification of that Maturity which means you have extra Inn-sight and Guidance. The Creator with Inn who has been a constant companion to you, is coming to you extra loud and clear! All of this bring a Knew level of Integration of the layers that have unfolded! This Integration is unknown to you yet when it arrives you will be delighted! You have been able to Trust that All Is Inn Divine Right Order with or without Evidence! That ability to Trust is Grace and continues to come your way. Wow, you are really blessed! If you think this is good in some time there will be a new level of your Inner Voice that comes to you. This makes life soo much more interesting! This Inner Voice is the Divine Mother with Inn speaking to you; male or female She is Inn you!