Aquarius: 1/20 – 2/18

June 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius

1/20 – 2/18

At the Depth of All that Is, Was and Will Be is a Fresh Unspoiled Innocence, which is the Seed of Life. This Seed is Now, Revealing it Self to you. It is Clear that you have come to the place where you have Maha Receptivity to the Divine Mother’s Grace, Blessings and Power. With this Said, you are Ready for a Re-Birth of the Unfinished Earth Opportunities from the Past. It is your Maturity that Recognizes the Path from Ignorance to Anger to Sweetness; Wow! With that Sweetness, you are Ready to Remove your Readiness to Fight to Protect yourself, which is a Left Over! As part of that Left-Over your Need to Hold On for Fear of Not Getting can Begin to Dissipate. As this Begins to Happen the Fire with Inn comes Inn to Operational Excellence. With the Maha Patience that is Available to you, you are Ready to Notice where you have a Need to Postpone taking Required Action and Inn that Noticing, there is a Higher Level of Integration. As this Integration happens your Need to Be Inn Control to Be Safe Dissolves and you are able to Celebrate with the Divine Mother with Inn which Awakens Such Great Trust Inn the Light!

May 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius

1. Rainbow Princess – Adventure
2. Purple X – Change
3. Gray Ace – Consciousness
A. Blue Ace – Going with the Flow
B. Rainbow 6 – Compromise
4. Purple XV – Conditioning
5. Blue 7 – Projection
Now the Child with Inn is Secure and Ready to come out of Hiding and Inn to the Light for an Adventure. Life is Inn Session and s/he is Ready for a Change and an Adventure. You are Ready, Ready, Ready. This Change Prepares you to Sit Inn the Void, Inn the Emptiness and Expand, so Nicely. You Will Be Able to Go with the Flow of what Is ‘way more’ and easier than Ever. This Leads you to the Place where you can and know how to Compromise to Receive Inn Ways Never thought Possible; some of what you Want is Better than All or Nothing, Inn most Cases. The Conditioning from Childhood Continues to Be Stripped away, Giving you more and more Freedom to Personally Own your Beliefs and Ways of Being. Inn the Future you are Much more Prepared to Notice when you are Pointing the Finger at Others, thus being able to See the Aspects with Inn, that you are point out in Others.

April 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius

There is a Ripeness Presenting it self to you Right Now: Guilt Is What is Ripe for you to Complete. Some of the Guilt is yours some you carry for Others. Complete your Guilt and the Guilt that is Others Completes also! Wow, Such a Deal! You know what you are clinging to from your Past. Time to Let It Go! Once that Decision is Made, you have Access to the Armor you have On, Armor to Protect yourself from What? ID That that you Think you have to Protect yourself from with the Courage that Comes to you! This Prepares you to S-L-O-W Down which is a Relief! You Now are on an Adventure from Hiding Inn to the Light! Proceed and Welcome the Child with Inn to Come along! The Work you have done Delivers you inn to the Light and you Now can ‘let go’ of the ‘Hanger On-ers’; people who Want you to do for them what they MUST Do for Themselves. You do them a Favor to kick them Free! Once Free of the Hanger On-ers’ there is an Influx of Harmony that Rushes Inn to your system! The Future you can Enjoy is ‘way more’.

March 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius

At a time when you felt very Hurt, Scared, Felt out of Control you Chose to Protect yourself with Beliefs that Served you then but Now are of ‘NO’ Real Value! These Beliefs ARE Loyal though and as you Direct that Loyalty to Assisting you to Turn and Let Go of the Past you can Use that Loyalty to Open Up Knew Levels of Patience & Tolerance. You can do this just like you have Already Removed so much Conditioning just go a little Further and Deeper. This then Makes Available to you Awareness of Greater Power as the Creator with Inn Becomes More Revealed to your Conscious Mind! This Power Restores your reserves and the Exhaustion you feel from time to time Melts and your Ability to See and Feel the Consciousness of the Whole Comes Forth! There is then a Great Integration a Balancing with Inn that Positions you to have the Intensity of Courage to Do More Great Things, Beyond your Imagination!

February 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius

It is the time to get out of the habit of putting off doing what you know is good for you to do, NOW! Every time you begin to take an action, Sorrow comes up, so no wonder you put off taking action which then makes it easier for you to just to ‘go w the flow’. However it is the Maturity inn the Life that holds you and makes it ok. Your Life mission is going to become so much more successful for the Planet as you begin to take that specific action inn the face of the Sorrow. Please know that most of the Sorrow belongs to your lineage of the past that is clinging to You! As you begin to take that action watch for the mind trying to point at someone or something outside you as the cause! When you notice this simply bring your attention back with the question, “What Is My Part’! Your success inn taking this Action comes from your ability to Compromise and to find a win inn the circumstances! Go for It! Once you have ascended beyond this hurdle you are prepared to once again move beyond your current state inn to the Field of All Possibilities ‘Free’ from what you have put off addressing!

January 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius

The Creator with Inn you is shining bright and at this time there is huge support to and for you Aquarius to Step Inn to the Realization of Much More of that Creators Energy! Behind you is the Fire and Intensity that you used to Awaken to the Place you are Inn Now! Wow!! Your Awareness is an upgraded Vision that has arisen from the depths, turmoil, sadness and Joy from the past! Now there is Light and Strength as a result of what you experienced inn the past. The Field of All Possibilities is Open to you, yet you look back where you came from! From time to time look at the Landscape of Where you Are and where you are going and That that is Possible and Intended for you comes to you Effort Lesly. You have succeeded inn removing much childhoods conditioning. Keep up the good work. Each layer of conditioning you remove yields great treasures, freedom and opens your Vision to the Subtle Realms even more! Inn the Future you will find yourself quite satisfied and happy and sitting back! Make sure you continue to do EVERYTHING that got you where you are NOW and you will continue to OPEN the FIELD of ALL POSSIBILITIES!